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Snapchat and Nielsen Ad Targeting: What to Know

July 25, 2018 Jonathan Katz

Snapchat and Nielsen are pairing up to expertly target consumers by combining the knowledge of Nielsen’s data with the power and reach of Snapchat’s social media platform.

What is the Snapchat and Nielsen partnership?

Snapchat, the social media giant, and Nielsen, the global data and metrics company, have partnered to improve ad targeting for the more than 300 million monthly Snapchat users.

While similar to Snapchat’s agreement with Oracle, the Snapchat and Nielsen partnership may put the social media platform on a faster monetization track, going neck and neck with Twitter, according to AdAge.

"Discovering the audiences that drive engagement and offline sales has never been more critical for marketers," said Nielsen senior vice president of digital solutions Jessica Hogue. "This integration with Snapchat will allow partners to plan, activate and analyze marketing initiatives by accessing the highest quality audience data in the market underpinned by Nielsen."

When was the Snapchat and Nielsen partnership announced?

While Snapchat and Nielsen have been working together since 2014 for digital ad ratings, the duo announced their latest ad targeting efforts in early July.

What does the Snapchat and Nielsen ad targeting partnership mean for marketers?

Marketers are now able to target audiences on Snapchat using Nielsen Marketing Cloud, which provides consumer data broken into more than 30,000 segments based on loyalty program and credit card information. In other words, as a marketer, you’ll be able to more appropriately target interested users, potentially increasing conversion rates.

For example, as a marketer for nursing education, you may use Nielsen’s data to target audiences based on demographics, geographics and psychographics that match consumers who have historically enrolled in your programs. Consumer data from Nielsen, like gender, level of education or household income, may help your brand target interested prospects that have a high propensity to convert.

Take a look at other ways Snapchat is monetizing its platform for marketers.

By better pairing marketers with consumers, Snapchat and Nielsen are helping brands hone in on their target audiences while better monetizing the Snapchat platform.

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