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Twitter Media: What to Know

June 26, 2018 Victoria Pallien

As part of the “pay to play” shift in social media as platforms further monetize, Twitter recently announced the release of Twitter Media, describing it as “a new home for publishers on Twitter.”

What is Twitter Media?

Twitter released Twitter Media, an educational platform, in an effort to support journalists, influencers and other public figures, who Twitter brands as “Publishers.” Twitter Media provides publishers with tools, best practices and other resources to make the time and monetary investment in Twitter worthwhile.

Publishers can organize multiple Twitter profiles and create multiple users on a Twitter Media account.

Where and when was Twitter Media released?

The tracking product was made public on Thursday, June 14, 2018, and can be accessed on

What does Twitter Media do for users?

Twitter explains Twitter Media as an “easy-to-use platform” that allows users to “manage, measure and monetize” their content.


On Twitter Media, publishers can manage their accounts by uploading, organizing and publishing media and textual content to multiple accounts. The photo studio, called the Library, allows publishers to manage and upload photos, videos and GIFs, while adjusting metadata to make content more visible.

Users can also designate management roles through user permissions, which provides a variety of settings for composing organic and promoted tweets across different profiles.


Within a centralized location, publishers can view their content metrics and performance. The Twitter Media dashboard gives publishers an extensive view of account and tweet metrics, plus a summary of calculated earnings from monetized content, all of which can be conveniently exported.

If a user has multiple Twitter profiles linked to one Twitter Media account, aggregated analytics will provide a “bird’s-eye view” of activity.


Publishers can use Twitter Media to monetize social media efforts with the Amplify Publisher Program, which was “was created to make it easy for publishers to monetize video on Twitter, and also turn-key for advertisers to align with brand-safe content.”

The Amplify Publisher Program provides a collection of monetization instruments, including Periscope Super Hearts, Niche, In-Stream Video Ads and In-Stream Video Sponsorships.

  • Periscope Super Hearts, released in June of 2017, allows users to buy animated hearts to send broadcasters and stand out in the comment reel of a Periscope, or live video. The broadcaster can redeem these hearts for a monthly payout.
  • Niche, founded in 2013, is a “creator-first” platform that allows users to maximize their social presence on every Twitter network from a centralized platform. Acquired by Twitter in 2015, Niche allows creators, also known as influencers, to easily connect with brands. Niche grew from 6,000 creators in 2015 to 45,000 in 2017.
  • In-Stream Video Ads matches pre-roll from advertisers to video content by using tags the user has included in video metadata, making it a simple method for propelling added revenue.
  • In-Stream Video Sponsorships allow users to monetize videos with direct sales. For live video, video clips and other content, like Sponsored Moments or Auto-Reply Campaigns, users can develop content packages to place in front of exclusive brands.

Users can track the performance of monetization tools within the Twitter Media Studio, thanks to the robust analytics dashboard.

What resources will Twitter Media provide?

Aside from a suite of monetization products, Twitter Media provides case studies and how-to articles, like Twitter Basics.

Twitter Media can also aid users by supplying knowledge on current events. The platform will maintain informational article collectives in the following categories:

  • Entertainment: music, television, film
  • Sports: athletes, teams & leagues, media networks
  • News: journalists, news organizations
  • Creators: influencers, artists

What does Twitter Media mean for you?

If you’re a publisher…

You can manage default settings to monetize as many videos as you want, selecting relevant tags from 15 content categories. Twitter will automatically pair your content with advertising partners looking for content and audiences that coordinate with their marketing strategies.

If you’re an advertiser…

While it’s unclear if you’ll be able to select exactly which brands’ content your pre-roll will broadcast in front of, you’ll be able to find more relevant content to pair your ads with because of Twitter Media’s content categories.

By better aligning with advertisers, Twitter Media is helping brands reach their audiences, publishers monetize their content and users experience more high-end, relevant content. From content categories to up-to-date news stories, this platform gives influencers and creators a leg up.


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