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Twitter Fleets: Just The Facts

March 9, 2020 Sarah Cavill

With the introduction of Fleets, Twitter’s more than 330 million monthly active users (MAUs) may be in for a new way to post on the micro-blogging site.

What Are Twitter Fleets?

Two phones showing a twitter feed and the new form for fleeting tweets photo from Twitter

Twitter Fleets resemble stories on Instagram and Snapchat, and, like those social media platforms, Fleets also disappear after 24 hours. Fleets will be available publicly and can be viewed by tapping on a Twitter user’s avatar. According to Tech Crunch, a user’s Fleets “won’t circulate Twitter’s network, show up in Search or Moments and it can’t be embedded on an external website.” Twitter is testing Fleets in Brazil to start.

Can Fleets Collect Likes?

Fleets cannot be liked, retweeted or publicly replied to. Like Instagram Stories, all contact with Fleets is done through direct messaging. Fleets aren’t necessarily meant to go viral like a Tweet, but rather to post a “fleeting thought” that will disappear.

Why Is Twitter Testing Fleets?

Insiders say Twitter’s move to add a Stories-like format is meant to provide a kinder, more user-friendly option for tweeters who may be turned off by the performative and exposed nature of a proper Tweet. Kayvon Beykpour, Twitter Product Lead, tweeted about the new product saying, “We’ve been listening to this feedback and working to create new capabilities that address some of the anxieties that hold people back from talking on Twitter.”

How Are Twitter Fleets Different Than Instagram Stories?

Based on Beykpour’s announcement on Twitter, there will be “a few intentional differences from Instagram stories to make the experience more focused on sharing and seeing people’s thoughts.” What those differences are remains to be seen, as do any opportunities Fleets will offer digital marketers who have found great success with ads on Instagram Stories.

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