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YouTube Invests In Augmented Reality For Beauty Influencers

June 25, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

A more engaging, next-level beauty vlogging is now available on YouTube. The video platform introduced a new augmented reality (AR) feature, called the AR Beauty Try-On, that allows viewers to virtually try on beauty products influencers use in videos.

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AR Beauty Try-On: Increasing Engagement And Sales

YouTube’s AR Beauty Try-On will allow influencers to endorse products and offer try-on options to their viewers, which may increase their views, interaction and sales.

When using the tool, the screen will split in two, so users can see themselves with the product on and continue to watch the video content. With machine learning, the AR Beauty Try-On works efficiently with a variety of skin tones and facial features.

Plus, beauty vloggers can track their engagement and sales results from the AR Beauty Try-On in real time.

In testing, YouTube found that 30% of viewers tried the AR Beauty Try-On feature and spent roughly 80 seconds virtually trying on lipstick colors. MAC Cosmetics will be the first brand to use the AR Beauty Try-On.

The Continual Rise Of Influencers: Potential Reasoning For AR

Many social media platforms, liked Instagram and Snapchat, are building out their influencer options as young consumers admit they’re easily motivated to purchase products after influencers endorse them.

Last year, beauty-related content on YouTube had more than 169 million views, and many popular viewers like Yuya and Jeffree Star have amounted large followings: 23 million and 15 million subscribers, respectively. In 2018, Jeffree Star made $18 million from brand partnerships, a clear indication the market for influencer-brand collaborations is doing well.

Allowing viewers to try out products before purchasing could increase sales and produce happy customers.

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