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What Are Purpose-Driven Campaigns?

March 6, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Social responsibility. Mission based. Purpose driven. These are all popular terms to describe businesses aligning themselves with social issues or positive actions that resonate with consumers or increase engagement with certain audiences. Recently, “purpose-driven” has emerged as the buzzword that describes these cause-based marketing strategies.

What Are Purpose-Driven Campaigns?

Purpose-driven campaigns describe marketing strategies specifically designed to promote certain social activism themes, from the launch of a new eco-friendly product to “girl power” messaging.

Why Are Purpose-Driven Campaigns Gaining Popularity?

More than 42% of Millennials say they would start or deepen their relationship with a brand with products or services that positively impact the environment/society, and brands are responding. According to Twitter, during the 2019 Super Bowl, 42% more brands activated purpose-driven messaging than the prior year’s Super Bowl. Brands believe that purpose-driven campaigns drive more personal connections with consumers, particularly young consumers. And, even if the brand mission isn’t directly related to a specific consumer need, purpose-driven marketing campaigns can put a shine on brands making them look more attractive to consumers.

How Can Purpose-Driven Campaigns Be Effective?

Consumers motivated to spend their money with socially responsible brands also want to see authenticity and action. When launching purpose-driven marketing campaigns, brands should make their actions known. For example, Patagonia’s decision to only use 100% organic cotton because it aligns with their overall eco-friendly branding.

According to Accenture, an information technology company, brands that effectively launch purpose-driven campaigns can develop affinities with consumers and offer differentiation from other similar brands, demonstrating a “competitive agility by building more authentic and profitable relationships with customers.”

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