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From Fashion To Funko Pop! Captain Marvel Merchandise Offers Something For Every Fan And Collector

March 26, 2019 Sarah Cavill

Captain Marvel, the latest release from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), has already grossed more than $900 million worldwide, illustrating that moviegoers are still excited for comic book movies and aren’t put off by a woman superhero at the helm. Unlike The Avengers or DC Comics’ famous duo of Batman and Superman, Captain Marvel (aka Carol Danvers) was less well-known to the general public, so promotions prior to the film were subtle and relied on social media chatter and a few well-placed teasers from Marvel. However, the merchandise aligned with the release of the film and the ensuing excitement has been fun and plentiful.

Target Offers A Wide Array Of Captain Marvel Items Including Action Figures

Target Captain Marvel Items Action Figures

If your kid (or you) needs a Captain Marvel merchandise fix, Target can be your one-stop shop. The Captain Marvel line at Target includes bed linens, a Photo Power FX glove like the one Captain Marvel wears, an original card game and more. And perhaps most exciting for collectors, there are action figures of nearly every character from the film, including Nick Fury and Talos. Goose the alien cat also represents, both as Fury’s companion and as his own plush toy.

The Funko Pop! Captain Marvel Collection Is Ideal for Collectors

The Funko Pop! collection includes Captain Marvel’s bestie Maria, her frenemies The Star Commander and Korath and pals Goose, Fury and Talos. If you’re that collector who’s a little extra, Funko even has Carol on her motorcycle and in different outfits. The inclusion of the slightly less prominent characters makes this collection particularly of interest to superfans.

Hot Topic And Vans Celebrate Captain Marvel With Fun Fashions

Last June, Marvel and Vans announced the launch of a line of Avengers-and MCU-inspired sneakers. The collection offered a variety of styles and character inspirations, including a red, blue and gold high top that nicely matches Captain Marvel’s superhero outfit. Hot Topic also created an array of Captain Marvel inspired items including jewelry, backpacks and mugs. There’s even a flight-suit reminiscent romper.

LEGO And Marvel Partner To Issue A Captain Marvel LEGO Set

Captain Marvel LEGO Set

Since 2011, LEGO has enjoyed a strategic partnership with Marvel. “Our partnership with Marvel helps us continue to deliver some of the best and most constructible Super Hero stories of all time,” said Jill Wilfert, Vice President, Licensing and Entertainment for The LEGO Group. “We’re thrilled to partner with Marvel to create creative, constructive play sets for builders, fans and collectors alike.” The Captain Marvel LEGO playset contains four minifigures and the pieces to create Fury’s Quinjet, allowing for fun recreations of the many battles Captain Marvel and team take on. 

Even for huge brands like Marvel, strategic partnerships are integral to creating and sustaining connections between the fandom, film and merchandise.

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