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Hardee’s Classic Roast Beef Is Back & Promises To “Save The Veggies”

May 10, 2019 Sarah Cavill

hardee's save the veggies

It may seem counterintuitive for Hardee’s to celebrate the return of their iconic roast beef sandwich by planting 10 million vegetables nationwide, but that’s just what they’ve done. The “Save the Veggies” marketing initiative offers several promising benefits to the popular fast food chain.

Hardee’s “Save The Veggies” Commercials Promote Their Sandwiches In An Unexpected Way

In the new commercials from Hardee’s re-introducing consumers to their roast beef sandwich, the brand humorously touts the complete lack of veggies on the sandwich. Not a tomato. Not a shred of lettuce. The cheeky Hardee’s spokespeople, strolling among rows of veggies on a sprawling farm, encourage consumers to save the veggies by eating Hardee’s original roast beef sandwich. The tongue-in-cheek approach creates clever branding that sells the sandwich deal and supports the “Save the Veggies” partnership with the nonprofit American Community Gardening Association (ACGA). The “Save the Veggies” campaign spans digital, TV, radio and out of home (OOH).

By Connecting With Local Communities Hardee’s Can Extend Their Reach

Brands that engage in a higher purpose grow two times faster than those that don’t, making Hardee’s “Save the Veggies” campaign an altruistic and business-savvy marketing move. By pairing with ACGA, the campaign also engages local communities. "Hardee's is inspired by its neighbors and local community... together, Hardee's and ACGA recognize the value of bringing the community together," said Jenna Folk, Director of Brand Marketing for Hardee's.

Fast Food Companies Often Use Innovation To Grab Market Share

Despite the best of intentions to eat healthy, 85% of consumers indulge their less-than-healthy cravings, with 46% of those indulgences falling in the fast food category. For fast food and restaurant brands, setting themselves apart from the competition is an integral part of securing market share. A cause marketing campaign like “Save the Veggies” illustrates Hardee’s position that there is a “time and a place for veggies,” while still offering their roast beef sandwich — a delicious, no-frills alternative. For other burger brands, it may be a celebrity endorsement, a social media promotion or a creative ad campaign. By innovating, burger brands are able to stay on top and set themselves apart from their competitors.

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