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Ice Cream Marketing Goes Vintage For Summer

June 22, 2020 Sarah Cavill

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Summer is here, and it’s time for ice cream and popsicles. There’s a lot of chatter across the internet about how this summer is going to be more reminiscent of past summers, when kids rode their bikes everywhere and only came in when the streetlights turned on. What better way to celebrate that return to old fashioned fun than with classic summertime treats and innovative, yet vintage, ice cream marketing. 

Bomb Pops Launches Campaign Convincing Tweens To Love The Vintage Treat

For many people of certain generations, it wasn’t summer unless there were Bomb Pops. The red, white and blue frozen treat was ubiquitous at summer celebrations, and now the brand is trying to get tweens excited about a new Bomb Pop flavor. According to Mobile Marketer, the new offering, Middles, appeal to tweens’ preference for “combining two things to create something new, as a form of individuality and self-expression.” Bomb Pop has launched a hashtag campaign on TikTok encouraging tweens to post their own Bomb Pop content with the hashtag #notonething, and Bomb Pop is also live streaming on Twitch, audio streaming on Soundcloud and saturating other social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest with online activities for tweens. As school ends and summer begins, Bomb Pop is hoping to reach Gen Z, a highly engaged online audience that is looking for things to do while spending summer closer to home.

Breyers Commercials Are Classic And Family Friendly

Breyers, a name synonymous with wholesome, classic ice cream, was founded in 1866 and understands that nostalgia is a big part of their brand’s charm. In the spring of 2020, Breyers released two new spots featuring kids and a cow named Matilda. The spots are direct, sweet and likely designed to appeal to families who want good ingredients from a name brand they recognize. Breyers recently experienced a slow down in sales, which may explain the brand’s return to advertising that reflects Breyers’ history of farms, families and simpler times.

Magnum Bars Embrace Social Responsibility With Instagram Campaign

Magnum Bars ice cream social responsibility

During the pandemic, many farmers around the world were adversely impacted, including women on the Ivory Coast of Africa. To support farmers during the crisis, Magnum ice cream launched an awareness campaign. The Magnum “Pleasure Imagined” campaign was launched on Instagram and included 12 vintage-style illustrations from artists around the world enjoying Magnum bars on the quieter city streets of their hometowns. Magnum explained, “This digital exhibition aims to raise additional donations for our women cocoa farmers in the Ivory Coast who help create our delicious Magnum chocolate. Without them, there would be no Magnum. They have been significantly impacted with this crisis and that’s why we have committed 250k euros to support them, in partnership with NGO” From the Magnum ads, people were encouraged to download the images and make donations. 

Prior to the “Pleasure Imagined” campaign, Magnum also used Instagram to highlight dessert recipes that could be made at home using Magnum bars, leveraging the brand’s image for indulgence and decadence.

Chloe’s Hit The Market With The First Oat Milk Popsicles

Alterna-milks continue to grow in popularity, with oat milk being the latest trend. Chloe’s, a leading purveyor of non-dairy frozen treats, has made a splash this summer with the first oat milk popsicle to hit the market. “With our new Oatmilk Pops we are diving deeper into decadence, while remaining true to our core value of using simple ingredients,” said Chloe’s President and Co-Founder Chloe Epstein. “Oat milk is rich and creamy and has quickly become one of the most popular dairy alternatives because it works so well in a variety of applications” said Chloe’s President and Co-Founder Chloe Epstein. The new flavors include mint chip, salted caramel and raspberry chip. 

Offering alternatives to traditional ice creams, especially targeted at parents interested in healthy options for their kids, can be a successful strategy in a crowded market. Chloe’s also has a robust social media presence, and has secured Marvel and Nickelodeon as promotional partners for Chloe’s fruit pops.

According to the International Dairy Foods Association, the average American consumes 23 pounds of ice cream per year. People want to eat ice cream out of the container, out of the cone, out of the ice cream truck and brands that can make their products feel special, nostalgic or even healthy may be able to secure spots at the picnic table this summer. 

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