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Jewelry Advertising Should Engage Consumers Early & Often Ahead Of Valentine’s Day

January 8, 2021 Carolyn Harding

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Last year, the National Retail Federation (NRF) revealed that consumers planned to spend $5.8 billion on jewelry for Valentine’s Day. And while 2020 left many industries uncertain about the future of the traditional shopping experience, the jewelry market is still expected to reach $480.5 billion by 2025, according to Statista. Additionally, as a result of COVID-19, the online jewelry market, in particular, is expected to grow by $19.88 billion between 2020-2024. 

Jewelry brands and advertisers looking to gain the attention of consumers ahead of this year’s Valentine’s Day shopping period are launching creative digital campaigns, strategic partnerships and innovative offerings to reach consumers at the right places, at the right times.  

Ben Bridge Jeweler Creates Personalized Shopping Experiences Through Latest Partnership

High-end jewelry retailer Ben Bridge teamed up with Salesfloor, a virtual selling platform, to create a more personalized jewelry shopping experience for today’s consumer. Through the omnichannel solutions offered by Salesfloor, Ben Bridge will be “enabling their personal jewelers to bridge online-offline sales channels,” according to Retail Customer Experience. The new technology will provide access to various virtual shopping solutions, including virtual appointments with local jewelers, video and live chat options, customer insights and more.

“Retailers are accelerating their digital transformation timelines this year by providing their store associates with the technology to meet customers where they are – which now means both online and in-person,” said Oscar Sachs, Salesfloor CEO.

The partnership between Ben Bridge and Salesfloor will allow the jewelry retailer to stand out in what is slowly becoming the “new” retail environment (which relies heavily on ecommerce offerings) and connect with potential customers in more thoughtful ways, as many shoppers remain hesitant to re-enter the traditional in-store shopping experiences.

Platinum Days Of Love Launches #LoveLeadsUs Campaign

Platinum Days of Love is pulling at consumers’ heartstrings in its latest campaign, #LoveLeadsUs, by celebrating “the power of love” and acknowledging couples that were separated from their loved ones during 2020. The ad spot features a couple, who, like many, had to postpone their scheduled wedding as a result of COVID-19. After spending so much time apart, the ad shows how the couple gained a newfound appreciation for one another and a stronger value on the time they can now spend together. The video strategically ends with the couples placing the newest collection of Platinum Love Bands on their fingers.

Kendra Scott Leverages Virtual Try-On Tool To Connect With Consumers During The Pandemic

Kendra Scott is leveraging the popularity of virtual try-on tools by introducing its own virtual jewelry try-on with augmented reality (AR). Consumers can go to the Kendra Scott site where they can use the jewelry brand’s new AR capabilities to try out various products before purchasing. “The company [Kendra Scott] said consumers’ desire for an omnichannel experience and pursuit of convenient shopping experiences influenced its decision to introduce the feature,” shared Marketing Dive reporter Tatiana Walk-Morris.

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, many traditional retailers have sought out new opportunities to connect with consumers virtually and online. For jewelry brands in particular, during a time when the traditional in-store try-on experience is limited, virtual try-on tools provide opportunities for jewelry brands to give consumers the interactive experiences they crave.

Pandora Features Star-Studded Female Cast In ‘One Lovely Day’ Campaign

Bringing together a group of powerhouse women, Pandora launched its “One Lovely Day” campaign, acknowledging the difficult 2020 holiday season and showing how Pandora’s famous jewelry can help customers show their appreciation for those they love. The “Pandora Muses” include Millie Bobby Brown, Nathalie Emmanual and Larsen Thompson. “The cast is a true manifestation of individuality – each of them with their own unique personality and style, ultimately connecting to the campaign message, ‘Something About You.’ The film embodies the message that gifting is an act of love, and the importance of coming together over the holidays,” Pandora shared.

The video shows the group of women traveling across the globe, dropping off Pandora presents along the way. “We wanted to highlight that, regardless of where you are in the world, you can still celebrate with the ones you love and show them how much you care,” said Carla Liuni, Pandora’s chief marketing director.

The “One Lovely Day” campaign stretched across Pandora’s various social media accounts and the accounts of each A-list celebrity shown within the campaign, who, according to Jeweller magazine editor Arabella Roden, bring in “more than 48 million [followers] on Instagram alone.”

As Valentine’s Day 2021 quickly approaches, jewelry advertisers are encouraged to connect with their audiences early and often by leveraging digital media and messaging that aligns with consumers’ lifestyles today. Jewelry brands that can differentiate themselves in a crowded and growing marketplace – whether through heartwarming campaigns, strategic partnerships or innovative tech offerings – will find opportunities to reach consumers ready to purchase.

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