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KFC Chicken & Waffles Commercial Highlights Unlikely Partnerships & 80s Dance Moves

November 19, 2018 Sarah Cavill

It’s safe to say Thanksgiving week is all about turkey. The National Turkey Federation estimates upwards of 45 million turkeys will wind up on the dinner table this Thursday, which is nothing to gobble at. But what about after Thanksgiving when everyone goes back to eating chicken? Fancy some fried chicken and waffles? KFC has you covered.

Unlikely Pairings Highlight Clever Marketing Approach

Chicken and waffles, a possibly Southern invention that has recently risen to icon status as foodies embrace comfort food, is now on the menu at KFC for a limited time. KFC has launched this unexpected combo with a charming commercial featuring the Colonel and Mrs. Butterworth — an unexpected combo. See what they did there?

Accompanied by "(I've Had) the Time of My Life,” the duo recreates the lift scene from Dirty Dancing. It may be difficult to dance when you’re a syrup bottle, but Mrs. B pulls it off like the pure diva she is, and the Colonel deftly channels his inner Swayze.

A Winning Combination of Product and Marketing

KFC is calling this “the most delicious union of all time,” and while palettes may vary, nostalgia for the 80s and the pairing of two unlikely spokespeople is usually a marketing risk worth taking. KFC’s unlikely partnership works from a culinary and a cultural standpoint, conjuring happy feelings of old movies and music, and offering a comforting meal during the busiest time of the year. A sales and marketing win for a company that continues to nurture its image as a fun company, open to switching up its marketing approach with clever, memorable advertising.

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