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What Is Walmart Cookshop?

December 10, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Calling all home chefs! Walmart recently launched its newest shoppable video hub, Walmart Cookshop, jam packed with celebrity partnerships, interactive content and ecommerce offerings for today’s pandemic-conscious consumer.

What Is Walmart Cookshop?

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Free to all consumers, Walmart Cookshop includes a series of at-home cooking videos or “episodes” that will be shared throughout the remainder of the year. Featuring guest appearances from famous chefs and celebrity hosts – including Jamie Oliver, Patti LaBelle and more – each Walmart Cookshop video will be fully customizable to viewers, presenting like a “choose-your-own cooking experience.” During each episode, the celebrity guest will take the viewer through their recipe. The twist, however, is that as the celebrity is moving through the video, the viewer will be able to pick and choose which ingredients they’d like the host to use during each step – from which spice they think would work best to selecting the protein of their choice.

The ecommerce aspect of this consumer experience is leveraged by Walmart by featuring the retailer’s Great Value brand of products in each recipe throughout the episodes. Viewers can select any and all products included in the recipe to order from the Walmart website for pickup or delivery.

How Does Walmart Cookshop Tie Into Walmart’s Latest Shoppable Video Push?

Walmart has continued to ride the shoppable video wave, capitalizing on the growing ecommerce boom that has resulted from the pandemic. In November, Walmart teamed up with Tastemade to introduce “shoppable streaming content” for consumers seeking recipe ideas as they continue to spend more time at home, specifically during the holiday season. Called “Struggle Meals,” these shoppable videos take viewers through a recipe, showing the audience an on-screen phone number which they can text to quickly add featured ingredients to their online carts.

With consumers continuing to avoid restaurants and indoor gatherings, the shoppable content options Walmart introduced give the retailer additional channels to reach consumers and drive sales. Walmart has experienced tremendous ecommerce success throughout the pandemic, with Walmart CEO Doug McMillon sharing, during the retailer’s Q3 2020 earnings call, that Walmart experienced a 79% spike in ecommerce sales. “We’re convinced that most of the behavior change will persist beyond the pandemic and that our combination of strong stores and emerging digital capabilities will be a winning formula,” McMillon added.

How Can Shoppable Videos Help Retailers Enhance Customer Experience & Shopping Journeys?

Shutterstock_556492795 Cropped image of cute little girl and her beautiful parents cooking together in kitchen at home

Major retailers, like Walmart, are continuing to tap into two key consumer trends that have emerged during the pandemic: a spike in ecommerce and increased need for at-home cooking options. Today, consumers are looking for brands that offer relevant and safe shopping options as many shoppers continue to avoid the traditional in-store experience. According to IAB, COVID-19 has “accelerated a shift from the brick-and-mortar consumer economy to a ‘storeless’ environment by as much as 500%, permanently altering the brand value chain.” 

Leveraging strategies like shoppable content has proven effective in reaching consumers and goes hand-in-hand with the ecommerce boom. IAB recently predicted that “directly shoppable media” will emerge as “the fastest-growing advertising categories in the near future as retailers and brands seek to reach consumers who are more likely to shop online.” Additionally, the share of advertisers using shoppable video ads this year is expected to rise to 40%, a steady climb from 33% last year.

Looking into 2021, increased demand for ecommerce and innovative shopping options is likely to continue. By offering fresh takes on timely trends, like Walmart Cookshop did for consumers continuing to cook more at home, retailers and brands can keep consumers engaged online throughout the pandemic and beyond. These evolving shopping habits will likely continue to challenge retailers and brands to expand their digital offerings, and those likely to prevail in the long-term will be the ones that invested in enhanced digital shopping channels that provide consumers with safe and seamless experiences.

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