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529 College Savings Plans Partners With Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

March 21, 2019 Sarah Cavill

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It’s never too early to start saving for your children’s college education. It may seem very far away when the kids still need a stool to reach the sink, but smart planning can make a difference in the long run. 529 College Savings Plans has struck up a sponsorship deal with Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, a cartoon from Fred Rogers Productions (FRP) that airs on PBS. 529’s positioning as a sponsor for a children’s show allows them to reach parents and help them understand their options for saving with a 529 plan.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood And 529 College Savings Plans Share A Similar Mission For Their Audiences

One of the aims of 529 College Savings Plans is to help parents mitigate the rising costs of college through 529’s tax-advantaged savings plans. They offer two kinds of plans: The College Savings Plan, which is a post-tax contribution plan, and the Prepaid Tuition Plan, which allows 529 participants to pre-purchase full or partial units of tuition at today’s set tuition rate.

Providing financial access for all students who have a passion for learning is what drove the partnership between 529 College Savings Plans and Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. “Our new partnership with 529 College Savings Plans is a natural fit for Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, which focuses on learning, caring for and sharing with others,” says Paul Siefken, President and CEO of Fred Rogers Productions.

529 College Savings Plans Are Committed To A Multipurpose Approach With Their Sponsorship

529 College Savings Plans

The 529 brand logo appears on the Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood page, PBS Parents website and PBS Kids streaming options. Each episode of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood will include 15-second ad spots before and after the show, offering information to families about the tax advantages and benefits of the 529 College Savings Plans and why parents should begin investing so early. When possible, the logos will be clickable and take parents to the 529 website. Additionally, there will be print outs and other downloadable activities that align with the 529 sponsorship.

Creative partnerships, even those that may seem unlikely, can be smart for both brands, providing access to new audiences and additional revenue opportunities.

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