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Amazon Customer Tracking Exchange: Just The Facts

July 23, 2019 Carolyn Harding

In an effort to secure an unprecedented view into user browsing habits, Amazon recently offered customers a $10 credit in exchange for permission to track each individual throughout the web.

What Is Amazon’s Customer Tracking Exchange?

Amazon’s Customer Tracking Exchange

In order to become eligible for Amazon’s $10 reward, users had to install the Amazon Assistant comparison shopping tool. Once downloaded, various product prices from the Amazon site are displayed when consumers are searching for similar products on competitor sites such as Walmart and Target. The tool essentially gives shoppers an easy way to compare prices from multiple vendors, similar to the original metasearch models from SideStep and FareChase. The Amazon customer tracking exchange requires access to each user’s web activity in order to function, and it will collect and process information such as URLs, page metadata and pieces of content from the sites users are visiting.

According to an Amazon spokesperson, the comparison shopping tool will not collect data from social networking sites. Details won’t be pulled from a customer’s entire web browsing history and the information gathered will not be connected to a customer’s Amazon account, except when the user interacts with Amazon Assistant directly.

The promotion was offered for 48 hours as part of the Amazon Prime Day extravaganza and was only available for new installations of the Amazon Assistant tool. Customers will have the option to disable or remove the browser extension at any point in time.

Why Did Amazon Create An Offer For Customer Tracking?

amazon tracking

First-party data is, without fail, one of the most valuable resources for online companies. As a leader in the online retail industry, Amazon’s new promotion gives the company access to a plethora of intelligence that could drastically improve the brand’s overall marketing strategy and site-wide deals.

Amazon’s $10 user exchange is an innovative way to gather fresh and potentially unseen information and move Amazon one step ahead of competitors when it comes to strategically altering prices. If a consumer was unable to find a specific product on Amazon, the shopping tool will allow Amazon to see where the shopper went to next and monitor competitor sites and prices. For user acquisition and beneficial comparison data, $10 per exchange is a small price to pay.

From the consumer perspective, Amazon’s offer is helping users easily and accurately compare prices from various well-known brands. Rather than flipping from screen to screen, the comparison shopping tool places Amazon offers directly in a shopper’s browser while they search the web.

Why Is Amazon’s Customer Tracking Exchange Newsworthy?

The topic of privacy and sharing personal information is one digital marketers have been hearing more and more about, especially as consumers freely give personal details out every single day.

What Amazon has created with the customer tracking exchange offer is a prime example of how to successfully give consumers a free service while gathering unseen and sensitive information. This strategy should be used as motivation for marketers to brainstorm innovative ways to gather first-party user data that enhances ad targeting and tailors marketing strategy.

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