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Bing Ads’ AI-Powered Performance Insights: Just the Facts

January 17, 2019 Jonathan Katz

In early January, Bing announced more expansive accessibility to their AI-powered Performance Insights which is its native analytics and recommendation tool, allowing marketers to dive deep into their performance metrics and gather valuable insights to plan for smarter, more strategic paid search campaigns.

Bing Ads clicks AI performance insights

What Does Bing Ads’ AI-Powered Performance Insights Do?

Bing Ads’ AI-powered Performance Insights analyzes your performance data (and your competitors’) to identify significant changes and inform you. The AI tools also attempt to detect why something changed.

For example, if a Bing advertiser is reviewing click performance after recently increasing the bid level on a handful of keywords, the Performance Insights might include a pop-up like the following, which includes the number of clicks, average percentage increase of clicks, click history, optimization recommendations and more essential metrics.

Where Are Bing Ads’ Performance Insights Available for Marketers?

Pay attention to the light bulb icon.  Within the Bing user interface, daily Performance Insights are available at the account level for click and impression KPIs. On your online performance chart, you’ll see an insights pop-up appear if a change in your performance is detected.

Bing Ads clicks AI performance insights

If desired, marketers can remove AI-powered Performance Insights pop-ups from their charts by selecting the “dismiss this insight” option at the bottom of the notification.

Bing Ads’ AI-powered Performance Insights are meant to help marketers identify clicks, rankings and other helpful metrics, which may lead to valuable campaign optimization decisions. Bing is starting off 2019 with intuitive and productive services for their consumers.

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