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Facebook’s Brand Safety Certification: Just The Facts

February 5, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Facebook announced the launch of their new brand safety certification in its Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) program.

Facebook Marketing Partners (FMP) program

What Is Facebook’s Brand Safety Certification?

Because brands advertising on Facebook expressed interest in working with third parties to manage brand safety controls for Facebook campaigns, this certification aims to help advertisers identify qualified brand safety experts.

Who Is Facebook Brand Safety Certified?

Facebook has certified two brands so far: DoubleVerify, a marketing measurement software, data and analytics company, and OpenSlate, a content ratings system.

Why Did Facebook Create The Brand Safety Certification?

Facebook Brand Safety Certified

Facebook strives to offer advertisers more choices and more control over their video marketing campaigns, hence the introduction of the brand safety certification.

But Social Media Today hints that giving advertisers more control wasn’t the only benefit of releasing this certification. Last year, YouTube lost a number of large ad accounts because brand messages populated next to controversial videos. The new Facebook brand safety certification, which adds another layer of security for marketers advertising on its platform, should help Facebook avoid a similar scandal.

Plus, because of increased confidence in ad placements, this brand safety certification is anticipated to draw in larger marketers with more plentiful budgets.

How Does Facebook’s Brand Safety Certification Affect Marketers?

Facebook’s brand safety certification helps marketers determine where their ads populate on Facebook, which means their messaging can be better controlled from appearing near controversial or competitive content. This safety certification aids marketers in making sure their ads appear in front of the right consumers at the right time.

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