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Facebook Expands Search Ad Placements: Just The Facts

October 28, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

After close to a year of testing ads in Marketplace and News Feed search results, on October 17, Facebook announced it is rolling out search ad placements to all Facebook advertisers and will be including search ads in its Automatic Placements option.

Image from Facebook cell phone showing ad with new mid-century modern furniture from Carson Carrington at

How Do Facebook Search Ads Work?

Facebook search ads are triggered by Facebook users’ searches that are deemed to have commercial intent, for example, if they are searching for “furniture” on Facebook Marketplace. Currently only on mobile, Facebook search ads are available for the ecommerce, retail and auto verticals.

Facebook campaigns with product sales, conversion and traffic objectives are eligible for search ads. Facebook search ads have the same layout as News Feed ads, featuring headlines, images and ad copy, along with “Sponsored” labels marking the ads as paid placements.

How Can Advertisers Begin Running Facebook Search Ads?

Advertisers can begin running Facebook search ads by using the “Automatic Placement” option for their News Feed ads or by selecting the “Facebook Search Results” placement option in Facebook Ads Manager.

How Does The Expansion Of Facebook Search Ads Impact Marketers?

By enabling all marketers to advertise within Facebook’s search and marketplace results, Facebook is providing advertisers with direct access to users who are in a shopping mindset. As the holiday shopping season continues to heat up, Facebook has successfully created more opportunities for interactions between marketers and consumers.

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