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The Facebook F8 Conference: What Did The Social Media Giant Announce?

May 8, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Last week, Facebook held the F8 2019 conference, Facebook’s developer conference, where the brand announced new updates and tools.

What Did Facebook Announce At The F8 2019 Conference?

From redesigns to new messaging tools, Facebook, Inc. announced a vast array of new functions to come.

New Tools For Messaging

Facebook, Inc. announced a list of new features for their messaging tools, including Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp:

  • Messenger Desktop App. This update expands the reach of the Messenger app and allows for seamless use on desktop.

facebook messenger updates

  • Messenger Privacy. In response to questions about privacy, Facebook users can now limit their Messenger content to their close friends only.
  • Messenger Lead Ad Templates. A new feature for business profiles, Facebook is adding lead generation templates to Ads Manager, which can help direct traffic from the Facebook app to conversations on Messenger.
  • Messenger Group Video. Facebook introduced an option for users to watch videos at the same time as their friends.
  • WhatsApp Business Catalog. This feature enables users to view products available from brands on the platform, without ever leaving WhatsApp.
  • Streamlined Messenger. Facebook is also working to make Messenger faster and more dependable by completely rebuilding the app.

Major Instagram Updates

Facebook, Inc. is expanding Instagram’s monetization features with new shopping and donation options.

instagram shopping

  • Instagram Shop From Creators. This feature allows Instagram users to shop their favorite brands on Instagram without leaving the app, thanks to in-app checkout.
  • Instagram Fundraising Options. With donation stickers in stories, Instagram users can raise money for causes they care about, with 100% of the proceeds going to the supported nonprofit.
  • Instagram Followers And Likes Testing. Studying the popularity of Instagram Stories, the Instagram team is reducing the focus on follower count and testing hiding like counts to focus on a more intimate and less vain experience.

Facebook Revitalization

Facebook, Inc. is revamping the Facebook site and expanding to new business avenues.

  • Facebook App Redesign. Facebook is ditching its signature blue and aiming for a bright white and minimalist view. This redesign focuses heavily on groups with new tab views for home, notifications, watch, profile, marketplace, groups and messenger.
  • Facebook Group Tools. Facebook is adding new features for groups, as the brand knows different groups have different needs and therefore, require different ways of communicating. For example, one new tool is the option for a group admin to post for another member. If a group member has a question, but wants to remain anonymous, the member can write to an admin and the admin can post their question on behalf of the member.
  • Facebook Dating. As dating apps remain popular, Facebook is diving into the relationship realm. Facebook users can use dating to potentially match with that one friend they’ve always had feelings for.
  • Marketplace Shipping Options. Now available, Facebook has enabled Marketplace sellers to factor in shipping costs for within the U.S. and buyers to pay for these products directly within Facebook.
  • Events Tab. This new tab offers users a central location to view upcoming events near them.
  • Facebook Portal Expansion. Facebook is launching its smart speaker in more locations and added WhatsApp video chat as a new option on the speaker.

Facebook is expanding in numerous ways on many opened platforms. As the social media giant grows, the brand is looking to monetize more channels.

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