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Facebook’s Customized Marketing Emails: Just The Facts

June 10, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Facebook recently launched its latest feature, allowing marketers to send customized emails through the Facebook Pages app.

How Do Marketers Access Facebook Pages’ Newest Email Feature?

facebook marketing emails

This latest update from the Facebook Pages app introduces a way for marketers to send customized emails to anyone that has connected with them through their Facebook page. Marketers can access this new feature if their email address is connected with the Facebook account they are using to manage the page.

Once a user’s email address is confirmed, Page managers can compile a list of email contacts and manually upload each contact to the database. However, Page managers must confirm that all contacts added to the database have given permission to be contacted with promotional messages. From there, marketers can upload their distribution lists, compose their messages, send the emails out through the Pages app and track campaign performance.

Why Did Facebook Pages Create Customized Marketing Emails?

facebook customized marketing emails

According to Digital Information World, Facebook is “trying to maximize the user experience in every single way, and make it so that the average user has far more options available to them.”

The new feature, in many ways, is replicating a traditional CRM system, allowing marketers to manage and expand business relationships and the data tied to them. Acting as a facilitator, the Facebook Pages app is also providing marketers with yet another means of tracking their digital marketing efforts.

Social Media Today notes the new feature “may also help them [marketers] target their Facebook ads from there - once you have an active listing of email contacts, you can then also use that to build Custom Audiences, and use Facebook's data matching tools to reach people with similar traits and interests.”

How Does The Latest Update From Facebook Pages Benefit Digital Marketers?

The option to create customized emails through the Facebook Pages app could be an ideal fit for newer or smaller businesses that don’t have as much experience with email marketing, as the new feature provides straightforward CRM-style tools to help marketers form connections with their target audiences. “Given that many businesses are already looking to upload their email lists for such purpose anyway, providing a direct mail-out option within Facebook's dashboards actually makes some sense - but again, it's a simplified version of existing CRM options,” according to Digital Information World.

Keeping in mind that a strong database aids in maintaining and broadening consumer connections, the new Facebook Pages feature also gives marketers the chance to gather more consumer data from individuals who may not have connected their email addresses in the past — potentially posing as a new competitor for email service providers. Marketers looking to build on existing connections and open the door to new ones should consider testing the newest option from Facebook Pages, as it shows strong potential for becoming an easy and non-intrusive way to widen the scope of a company’s reach. 

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