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Google’s New Product, Job & Recipe Activity Cards: Just The Facts

September 1, 2020 Carolyn Harding

Google recently expanded its activity card offerings to improve searches related to shopping, new job opportunities and recipes. These updates were created to allow users to easily retrace old searches and “take the next step in their journey.”

Search Activity Card

What Are Google Activity Cards?

Launched in 2019, Google’s activity cards filter search results and suggest new searches based on a user’s search history, creating a more personalized experience and helping users who may have stopped their Google browsing mid-search. Activity cards also share website links that users have previously visited and display the search history that led users to specific sites.

For example, if a user is searching for a new winter jacket but must put their browsing on hold, Google will display a related activity card when the user returns to Google to resume their winter jacket shopping. From there, the user will find previously visited page links and searches, allowing them to easily trace their steps to the jacket they were eyeing, or find a related search to scope out similar options.  

What Are The Newest Updates To Google’s Activity Cards?

The latest Google activity card updates focus on three specific categories: shopping, jobs and recipes.

  • Shopping Activity Card: For users who were recently searching for a specific product online, the shopping activity card will display related items, product suggestions, article mentions and customer reviews. This card also allows users to easily compare prices and product quality to help shoppers feel confident in their purchase decisions. “When you’re shopping on the web, product reviews and news articles can be an important part of deciding what to buy. And when you’re doing your research, you might use Search to check for updates about a certain product and make sure you’re getting a good deal,” noted Google.
  • Jobs Activity Card: Job hunting has picked up a significant amount of steam over the past several months, making the new job activity card particularly pertinent for many users. The Google job activity card offers a convenient way for users to stay updated on new and relevant job openings, and to track which positions they’ve already applied to since their last job search. 
  • Recipes Activity Card: At-home cooking has also spiked during the pandemic, and the latest Google recipe activity card offers users an easy way to keep track of past recipe queries. Now, when a user searches for a cookie recipe, Google will pull all related recipes the user has previously viewed, along with a thumbnail preview of each option.

How Do Google’s Updated Activity Cards Benefit Digital Marketers?

Shutterstock_536806483 Bangkok, Thailand - Dec 15,2016: Google app on the Apple iPhone display screen. Top view of Business workplace.Google is an American services and products company.

Through Google’s improved activity card offerings, marketers have the opportunity to obtain a higher amount of repeat visitors to their respective websites and effectively reach high-intent shoppers. By getting a product, message or service in front of audiences who are actively seeking related information, brands can increase visibility significantly. At the same time, this increased exposure creates a highly competitive space for fellow brands, and marketers should hone in on their audience targeting and differentiation strategies in order to reach shoppers who are ready to buy. 

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