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LinkedIn Page Updates: Just The Facts

September 11, 2020 Sarah Cavill

On September 2, LinkedIn Pages rolled out three new features. According to LinkedIn, the addition of the new features on LinkedIn Pages makes it easier for page administrators to “connect their employees, highlight upcoming events and gain invaluable insights about their brand’s followers.” 

What Do The New Features On LinkedIn Pages Offer?

The new LinkedIn Pages features include “my company,” “events” and “view page followers,” all detailed below. 

My Company: This tab, which lives inside an organization’s LinkedIn Page, allows the page administrators to foster their organization’s culture, by “helping [the brand] celebrate key accomplishments, increase engagement within [the] employee community and connect colleagues with a single click.” LinkedIn plans to eventually offer the option of curating unique content that can be broadcast to employees, shared organically and measured for reach across LinkedIn.

Events: The new events tab makes it easier for LinkedIn users to see an organization’s past, present and upcoming virtual events from a LinkedIn Page. The events tab is located on the LinkedIn Page panel and facilitates communication within industries, which is more important than ever while industries adjust to fewer in-person conferences and physical opportunities to connect.

View Page Followers: In the past, LinkedIn Page admins could only see an aggregate number of followers and general demographics. Now, with the new “view page followers” feature, LinkedIn admins can see the “individual members who are following their Page. This provides the transparency needed to better understand audiences, so organizations can more easily share the right content and build their LinkedIn community around the conversations that matter most.”

How Are The New Features On LinkedIn Pages Relevant For Digital Advertisers?

The move to remote offices for so many businesses has impacted the connection many employees have with their colleagues, partners and clients, and the pandemic overall has led to the need for more virtual events and outreach. The new features on LinkedIn Pages allow businesses to tackle the new realities of corporate life, promote virtual events and gain important information about followers, which could inform content and targeting choices for advertisers across channels. Ginny Marvin, EOC at Search Engine Land notes, “LinkedIn, of course, hopes this additional data [provided with the new features] about their audience will motivate businesses to create and share (and promote) more content on the platform.” 

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