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Microsoft Advertising: Just The Facts

May 6, 2019 Victoria Pallien

Bing Ads has undergone a name change and is now Microsoft Advertising.

When Did Bing Ads Change To Microsoft Advertising?

As of April 29, 2019, Bing Ads is officially Microsoft Advertising. The brand made the switch because clients and partners already knew them as “Microsoft.”

Microsoft noted in a blog post, just because their name is changing, doesn’t mean they’re losing their core values; “One thing that’s not changing — the importance of advancing trust as we innovate. Adopting personalization through AI elevates the importance of consumer privacy and control. Integrating intelligent technology into the marketer’s toolkit means valuing brand safety and ensuring data security. Trust is integral to who we are, and it will always guide our innovation and offerings.”

What Else Is Changing With Microsoft Advertising?

The Bing Ads partner program will also be renamed, now changed to Microsoft Advertising Partner Program.

Will The Change To “Microsoft Advertising” Affect Marketers?

While the change of name is purely cosmetic, Microsoft Advertising is introducing new products over the coming year that will significantly aid marketers in their advertising efforts. Microsoft Advertising is working to deliver more options with built-in AI so products can work with brands. Now brands’ advertising can stay connected to data and business.

Microsoft Advertising will expand and update the Microsoft Audience Network while introducing Sponsored Products. Sponsored Products, available in the U.S., help brands to “boost visibility and drive more traffic for their top products in shopping campaigns.”

Bing stated, “We believe in empowering every marketer on the planet to achieve more, and our success is realized in what our partners accomplish. The Bing Ads name change to Microsoft Advertising is a reinforcement of this commitment.” As the name switches to Microsoft Advertising from Bing, the brand will continue to innovate and bring the best advertising options to their marketers.

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