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Pennsylvania Expands The Telemarketer Registration Act: Just The Facts

December 19, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

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The newest amendments to Pennsylvania’s Telemarketing Registration Act, which were implemented on December 3, 2019, could impact telemarketing activities, but must be understood and adhered to for quick adoption and action. Call-based marketing is essential for many brands due to its ability to offer positive consumer experiences and personalized contact. Properly following the latest Pennsylvania compliance regulations is imperative to a successful call campaign for brands contacting residents of the state.

What Are The New Regulations To The Pennsylvania Telemarketer Registration Act?

Recently the Pennsylvania House enacted HB 318, expanding the Pennsylvania Telemarketer Registration Act (TRA). The original bill, signed in 1996, offered protections to residential and mobile telephone customers from solicitation calls. The recent changes offer extended protections and new prohibitions.

The changes include:

  • The TRA protections, including the do not call (DNC) list, apply to “business telephone subscribers,” who are customers with telephone lines identified as business lines at business locations in Pennsylvania.
  • The five-year renewal for the DNC list is no longer required. Pennsylvania telephone customers can choose to be on the DNC list permanently and current customers on the DNC list will have the new DNC protections extended to them until they take action to be removed from the DNC list.
  • Robocalls, or pre-recorded messages, to Pennsylvania phone numbers are required to immediately offer opt-out options at the beginning of the phone call. When robocalls leave messages or voicemails they must provide toll-free numbers with immediate opt-out options. Robocalls are also prohibited from using any opt-out options to create established business relationships (EBRs).
  • Solicitation phone calls to Pennsylvania residents and businesses are prohibited on legal holidays.

Who Is Not Required To Comply With The Amended Pennsylvania Telemarketer Registration Act?

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There are some exceptions to the amendments in the Pennsylvania TRA. Telemarketers with business relationships established with call recipients in the prior 12 months, calls from political parties or nonprofits and debt collection calls are not subject to “telephone solicitation call” restrictions.

Digital Media Solutions (DMS) Takes Call-Based Compliance Seriously

For both outbound calls and SMS messaging, the team at Digital Media Solutions® prioritizes compliance. Our U.S.-based call center connects brands with consumers who have provided explicit consent to be contacted and have confirmed they’re ready for in-depth conversations about the opportunities presented. For SMS campaigns, we adhere to pertinent regulations and the wireless industry’s rigorous standards, as we pledged when joining CTIA, the trade association that represents the U.S. wireless communications industry.

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