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Quora Lead Gen Forms: Just The Facts

December 19, 2019 Digital Media Solutions

For many digital marketers, Quora, the question-and-answer knowledge sharing platform, has been a valuable resource of referral traffic. Earlier this month, Quora announced it is testing lead generation forms to let users “securely share their contact information with businesses without the hassle of leaving Quora.”

What Is The New Quora Lead Gen Form?

What Is The New Quora Lead Gen Form? Photo from Quora

The Quora Lead Gen Form, currently in beta, is designed to help mobile and desktop users stay within the Quora environment while they “instantly get the information they want” and businesses generate qualified leads. Lead forms can include up to 12 fields, including contact, employment and location information, and lead delivery is automated through a Zapier connection to most CRMs, including Gmail, Salesforce and Marketo.

Here’s a look at the Quora lead flow:

How Will Quora Lead Gen Forms Benefit Digital Marketers?

Like LinkedIn and Facebook previously realized about their platforms, it appears Quora now understands users of their platform are there for a reason, and the users want to stay on Quora, even as they’re seeking additional information from external businesses. The unique Q&A content on Quora, combined with the contextual targeting currently part of the Quora Lead Gen beta, has the potential to help marketers diversify their customer acquisition campaigns while increasing their volume of inquiries from high-intent consumers.

More About Quora And Its Historical Impact On Digital Marketing Campaigns

Shutterstock_1282131577 Quora website ( displayed on smartphone

Quora entered the social media space ten years ago, and the platform currently has more than 300 million monthly unique visitors. Quora allows users to ask and answer questions related to any topic or industry. A “follow” feature allows its users to connect with other users and businesses and associate with people searching for similar topics and conversations. By providing answers to users’ questions posted on Quora, marketers are able to organically build brand reputations and engage in conversations that may convert into sales down the road. Quora is also a useful tool for marketers to learn about target audiences, identify influencers and engage on topics that relate to their businesses.

Prior to the Quore Lead Gen form beta, marketers have been able to reach consumers on Quora through targeted paid advertising, with audiences segmented by contextual, demographical, behavioral and broad targeting options.

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