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S’More Dating App Focuses On Conversations, Not Selfies

February 26, 2020 Carolyn Harding

The world of dating apps is continuing to evolve, with more and more users looking for something beyond just swiping left or right. The latest relationship app, S’More, is delivering just that. Unlike industry-favorites Bumble and Tinder, S’More prioritizes conversations over selfies, and is looking to become the next generation of dating apps.

S’more Spotlights Common Interests Over Physical Appearance

Standing for the desire for “something more” (the most common piece of feedback dating apps get from users), S’More was created to provide a match-making platform that goes beyond superficial looks. S’More users receive five suggested profiles each day, selected specifically for them, through an algorithm which focuses on values, interests, preferences and behaviors. The catch? All photos of potential matches are blurred out. Instead, user profiles on S’More consist of icons, which represent characteristics about the profile’s owner. For example, a user might share that she’s seeking romance, loves to snowboard and received her master’s degree from X school, all in the form of small icons. The more users engage and chat with someone, the more their pictures un-blur. Essentially, the idea is to encourage users to get to know a match first, before judging him or her based off what they look like.

“The greatest challenge is resetting expectations for consumers,” said S’More Founder, Adam Cohen-Aslatei. “We know that the swiping mechanism largely doesn’t work, but we’re providing another option which is, if you truly want to get to know someone, suspend physical judgement before you decide if you like them.”

A Changing Landscape For Dating Apps

There’s no denying physical appearance is an important factor for dating app users – with 49% of users stating they are seeking someone with physical characteristics they are attracted to – however, more and more users are expressing the desire for a deeper connection based on more criteria than just looks. In fact, Cohen-Aslatei found more than 50% of dating app users said they would use an app in which they don’t initially see the person they are messaging.

Cohen-Aslatei said the idea to create S’More stemmed from a frustration many dating app users feel with the current “hot or not” swiping trend found on the majority of today’s apps. “Dating is not a beauty contest,” he stated. “While physical attraction is very important, it's only part of the love equation. S’More delivers on the full package.”

S’More hones in specifically on Millennials, as this demographic is transitioning to relationship apps that focus on getting to know the whole person, according to Cohen Aslatei.

The Benefits Of Personalization

Shutterstock_372864790  Woman using dating app on smartphone

Technology and new ideas will only get marketers so far in the dating app industry — it’s a strong consumer connection and hyper-personalized experience that takes a new match-making app to the next level.

“It’s not enough today to simply create an app with cool and unique features,” said Cohen-Aslatei. “In the end, if the brand doesn’t resonate and fit seamlessly into customers’ lives, it’s likely not going to work. In the case of S’More, our features promise ‘something more’ and are meant to transition singles into relationships.”

Niche dating apps are becoming more prominent in the marketplace due to consumers’ desires to have their specific needs catered to. This rising trend can be seen through a number of new dating apps targeted at specific demographics — whether it be a certain age range, ethnicity or religious community:

  • Butterfly was created for transgender singles and those who are looking to date someone who is transgender.
  • Gluten Free Singles caters to those who want a partner with similar dietary requirements, creating a community where people can find gluten-free dating partners, friends and activity groups.
  • Lumen, designed for people over the age of 50, has become a popular choice for a demographic which is often left out of the dating app scene.
  • NIM is a recent dating app geared toward the Muslim community, with the option to add a chaperone to your profile.

“Singles often have multiple dating platforms on their phones, and this gives niche operators a great chance to stand out side-by-side as the quality, targeted option,” said Scott Harvey, Editor of Global Dating Insights.

Cohen-Aslatei believes branding is everything, stating, “The only way to defend a consumer app in an app store with millions of options, is to build a brand that makes a difference in your consumers’ lives. Something that associates with them on an emotional level. That’s how you convert simple consumers into brand advocates, which is priceless.”

According to Cohen-Aslatei, the average person has four dating apps on their phone, making it that much more important for dating app marketers to differentiate themselves from the pack. In today’s dating app landscape, the brands that will win will find strategic ways to create tight emotional connections with consumers and cater to users’ increased desire to form meaningful relationships.

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