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Snapchat Audience Network: Just The Facts

April 15, 2019 Victoria Pallien


Earlier this month, Snapchat hosted its first-ever developer event and announced its new audience network.

What Is The Snapchat Audience Network?

The Snapchat Audience Network enables app developers, who sign up for the program, to fill their ad inventory with the video ads that populate in the Snapchat app. Snapchat will sell these ads for developers and, therefore, keep a percentage of the ad revenue.

In other words, the audience network will enable advertisers to purchase ad space across Snapchat’s partner apps. As a result, a user on a different social app, perhaps Tinder, a current Snapchat partner, may see a Snapchat advertisers’ ad populate, courtesy of the Snapchat Audience Network. Because Snapchat hasn’t released many details about the network yet, it’s unclear if advertisers will need to advertise directly on Snapchat in order to access the Snapchat Audience Network and leverage its potential.

The Snapchat Audience Network, a similar concept to Facebook’s ad network, will be available within the coming months.

Recode noted, “Any company with a need for video ads but that doesn’t have a large sales team would be a prospective [developer] client.”

Why Is Snapchat Introducing Their Audience Network?

Snapchat hopes their new audience network will allow their current advertisers to gain more exposure and reach a larger audience, as the Snapchat audience has stopped growing. The audience network may encourage more advertisers which will also allow Snapchat to make more ad revenue as they keep a percentage of the ad revenue.

How Will The Snapchat Audience Network Benefit Developers?

Snapchat Audience Network Benefit Developers

In a post, Snap reported, “Ad Kit [an advertising solution with readymade ads and enlisted advertisers for app developers] allows developers to access our new Snap Audience Network and bring our popular mobile ad format, Snap Ads, to their apps. This will help our partners grow, and offer advertisers new ways to reach the Snapchat community.”

How Will The Snapchat Audience Network Benefit Advertisers?

The extensive Snapchat Audience Network is expected to help advertisers place their ads in front of more viewers and, specifically, more ideal prospects. With more exposure, comes the potential for more sales and greater brand awareness.

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