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Sparkroom’s Latest Update Enables Marketers To Track Custom Milestones: Just The Facts

January 29, 2019 Charlene Sterphone

sparkroom update milestone tracking

On January 19, Sparkroom, a proprietary lead management system of Digital Media Solutions, released its latest update, enabling marketers within any industry to track custom milestones, allowing for fully customized campaign reporting.

What Features Were Included In The Latest Sparkroom Update?

The ability to customize milestone names is now possible for marketers using Sparkroom Performance or Elite packages. The Sparkroom capacity for customized milestone names means the terminology used by you and your team can be incorporated into Sparkroom dashboards and reports.

What Does The Update Mean For Performance Marketers?

Performance marketers will now be able to set up automated distribution of custom reports to their internal teams without any milestone name translation required. David Villamere, Sparkroom Director of Product, explained, “The new level of Sparkroom configurability enables us to provide fully customized and comprehensive reports for clients in any industry. We’re excited to partner more closely with the businesses we serve and echo the exact terminology they use internally.”

Sparkroom Puts Customized Intelligence At The Fingertips Of Marketers With Ease

Sparkroom gathers, translates and reformats data from multiple sources to provide holistic views of marketing performance. Connecting pre-lead and post-conversion data, Sparkroom allows marketers to easily draw insights and optimize campaign performance. 

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Charlene Sterphone

Charlene Sterphone, Director of Marketing A focused and highly motivated creative thinker, Charlene Sterphone develops, executes and reports on strategic marketing programs surrounding lead generation, paid search, email, social media, mobile targeting, SEO and compliance as Director of Marketing for Digital Media Solutions (DMS). Throughout her diversified marketing career, Charlene has spent time in both the agency and direct corporate and start-up settings, including positions at Sparkroom, Education Dynamics and CBS Corporation, where she has seen success with digital and traditional marketing campaigns. As an analytical marketer, Charlene enjoys discovering new and innovative tools and techniques and using them to drive growth.

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