Quick Questions With Kathy: Benefits Of Keeping Campaigns Live During The Weekend

June 10, 2021 Digital Media Solutions

Digital advertising success is reliant on smart optimizations that produce optimal results. Frequent testing is essential for advertisers to continue enhancing campaign efforts, keeping the strategies and tactics that work, while walking away from those with below par performance.

Many advertisers, especially those that drive inbound calls, have traditionally been reluctant to keep campaigns live during the weekend. However, the continuity of keeping media campaigns live on the weekends can create advantages, pausing on the weekend can deliver an advantage to competitors. In addition to helping competitors benefit from lower media costs and premium placement, pausing on the weekend allows competitors to gain brand awareness and the opportunity to turn browsers into buyers.

In this episode of “Quick Questions With Kathy,” DMS CMO Kathy Bryan interviews DMS CRO Joey Liner to get his insights on the significant advantages that advertisers can experience by keeping their campaigns live 6 or 7 days a week. In the interview, Liner shares a number of benefits linked to keeping campaigns live beyond Monday to Friday. As industries, including mortgage and insurance, become more competitive, there is a growing number of advertisers who are choosing to keep their campaigns live, striving to achieve peak production. Liner also highlights changes in consumer sentiment that could lead to better engagement and prospective client interactions for advertisers.

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