Quick Questions With Kathy: Uber Focuses On Acquiring New Drivers

As a result of the global pandemic, companies that were able to offer delivery services for essential items such as groceries and medicine surged in demand among consumers. Additionally, while many consumers felt uncomfortable with public transportation that could bring them in contact with other individuals, ride-sharing seemed like a safer alternative. Overall, in the past year, companies like Uber have noted incredible growth in demand among their app users. Currently, the demand for drivers is greater than ever and outweighs supply. 

In this episode of “Quick Questions With Kathy,” DMS CMO Kathy Bryan interviews DMS CRO Joey Liner to get his insights on what gig economy employers, like Uber, are expressing in regards to recruitment challenges. During the interview, Liner highlights how the increase in consumer confidence created even more need for gig economy workers. Liner notes that as COVID-19 vaccines are distributed, more and more consumers are feeling comfortable with the idea of going out, which means they are looking for safe transportation options. Companies like Uber and Lyft are launching aggressive efforts to increase driver acquisition with incentives such as driver stimulus offerings or sign-on bonuses. Liner projects that gig economy brands like Uber are likely to more heavily rely on performance marketing to connect with prospective drivers. 

To learn more about the growth of the gig economy read: https://insights.digitalmediasolutions.com/articles/marketing-strategies-gig-economy

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