3 Ways To Use Audience Segmentation For Website Re-Engagement

Digital advertisers must leverage the right digital media channels to get the right message to the right person at the right time to encourage actions. Read on to discover three ways technology like Aimtell can help re-engage audiences and nurture consumers closer to conversion, especially when leveraging first-party data to segment these audiences.  

1. Segment Website Visitors To Re-Engage & Increase Message Relevancy

Audience re-engagement strategies should not take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, grouping website visitors into relevant segments is crucial to be able to send targeted messages.

Utilizing first-party data helps advertisers craft the right segments. Aimtell collects first-party data about website visitors’ onsite actions, including what pages they are viewing, what they are buying and which forms they are filling out. Collected data can be easily used to develop powerful segments of website visitors. 

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The more segmented an audience is, the greater the message relevancy can be. For example, an advertiser could create a segment of California-based subscribers who visited a particular website in the past seven days but did not make purchases. This Aimtell segment will automatically populate with subscribers who fit the given criteria. Then, appropriately targeted content can re-engage this specific group of people. 

2. Use Personalization Within Aimtells To Re-Engage Website Visitors & Enhance Audience Connections And Engagement Levels 

Personalization can take re-engagement efforts to another level. Aimtell allows users to deploy personalization at scale. If a website tracks subscriber first names, for example, Aimtell can dynamically pass that variable into every message, resulting in Aimtells that feel completely personalized and relevant. Personalization coupled with segmentation is a winning combination that all website owners should use to maximize their re-engagement efforts. 

Jody McGarvey, Senior Director of Messaging at DMS, shared his insights on audience segmentation recently, highlighting that “Aimtell features unlimited segmentation, allowing website owners to leverage whatever data points they have. This leads to data-driven decisions, with strategies developed based on the website owner's specific goals and industry. It is ridiculously powerful how often you can re-engage visitors with Aimtells in meaningful ways, and all based on segmentation.”   

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3. Expand Website Re-Engagement Efforts To Include Engaging Lapsed Website Visitors With Aimtell

Advertisers may not commonly consider the potential of re-engaging lapsed website visitors. However, as McGarvey puts it, “There is always something to do and always a meaningful way to re-engage.”

Segmenting lapsed visitors for re-engagement Aimtells may increase brand awareness. Similar to the concept of the digital billboard, even if consumers do not click on the Aimtell, they have still seen the message and the brand. 

When re-engaging lapsed website visitors, advertisers should consider altering message content. If messages encouraging actions, like making purchases, have not been effective, consider re-engagement Aimtells that encourage actions higher up in the sales funnel, like subscribing to newsletters or watching videos. Subscribers that engage with these Aimtells can then fall automatically into additional segments that continue to progress them through the customer journey. 

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Are You Looking For Innovative Ways To Re-Engage Website Visitors?

Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) offers a suite of digital performance-based advertising solutions to help brands achieve their marketing objectives. Engage and re-engage your audience while building lasting connections with highly targeted Aimtells. With optimized messaging campaigns sending to segmented lists of consumers, you can reach the right person at the right time.  

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