4 Creative Ideas For Auto Insurance Advertising Campaigns

Auto insurance brands often face hurdles as they work to rise above the noise to connect and engage with new consumers. Here are four ways auto insurance brands have creatively attracted and engaged target audiences as part of customer acquisition campaigns.

1. Fictional Auto Insurance Spokespeople 

Some of the longest-running auto insurance campaigns focus on fictional spokespeople able to depict industry leading customer service. By leveraging the same fictional spokesperson spot after spot and year after year, audiences begin to feel as if they know the spokesperson, developing an affinity for the spokesperson and the brand.

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2. Depictions Of Life Without High-Quality Auto Insurance

There’s auto insurance that meets the needs of consumers and auto insurance that doesn’t meet the needs. Some top auto insurance providers have determined the best way to help audiences understand why they should pay for high-quality customer service is by depicting the downfalls of low-quality auto insurance that is not supportive during times of need.

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3. Celebrities Bringing Fun To Heritage Auto Insurance Brands

Many insurance brands are considered heritage brands, with decades of customer awareness building brand equity but sometimes creating a “for my parents” impression. Celebrities can help modernize heritage insurance brands, especially when the brands are comfortable with celebrities having some creative license to create fun.

4. Repetition To Reinforce Key Auto Insurance Brand Messages

Many large insurance brands are known for their big advertising budgets, their creative spirits and their smart use of repetition. Even when it appears that they’re changing up their campaigns regularly, language that repeats key differentiators and audience calls to action is often consistent.

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