Home Insurance Marketing Can Engage & Convert Consumers With Humor, Savings & Technology

According to a 2020 survey of 8,000 customers from around the world conducted by Deloitte, insurance shoppers want “products that are easy to understand, purchase and use; they also want to be confident that they are paying a fair price, and to trust that claims will be paid fairly.” Many advertising strategies by home insurance brands address these consumer desires, particularly emphasizing ease of access, value, expertise and digital-forward services. 

Use Humor To Promote Bundling Of Products With Home Insurance

Humor is used by many insurance brands to resonate with insurance shoppers, with brands often extending their TV campaigns across channels, including retargeting emails and SMS campaigns. Geico, long known for their funny commercials, recently launched a number of creative executions touting the benefits of bundling homeowner’s insurance with auto insurance.

The Deloitte survey found that paying a fair price is one of the most “favored” qualities home insurance consumers look for when deciding on an insurance plan. By using humor to connect with consumers about a subject that is of interest to them, Geico is able to be memorable while meaningfully differentiating itself.

Clear CTAs Help Consumers Get Quotes Quickly, While Content Marketing Shares Home Insurance Expertise

Amica, a heritage insurance brand founded in 1907, prides itself on quality customer service that takes care of policy holders. The brand website features a primary call to action (CTA) on its website, allowing insurance shoppers to access quotes by filling out a comprehensive lead form. Shoppers looking for more details can navigate the website, finding sections that offer specific information about benefits and discounts for all of the Amica products. Meanwhile, existing customers can make payments and access other services under the “quick links” tab on the main page of the website. 

Amica’s decades of experience in the insurance industry lends the brand a unique perspective and gravitas, which the brand shares throughout their advertising, including commercials and content marketing. The Amica website deploys several digital content marketing strategies, including videos that explain the types of coverage homeowners might need and Amica Today magazine, available online and offering a mix of lifestyle stories and insurance information. 

Capitalize Growing Popularity Of Insurtech With Home Insurance Consumers Who Want Innovative Digital Solutions 

For many consumers shopping for home insurance, the easiest result is the one they want. The Deloitte survey found that many shoppers want short, easy to access forms, with many consumers often choosing the most basic policy because they can set it and forget it. Easy-to-access explanations of benefits and seamless enrollment for more policies can help brands increase conversion volume.

Insurtech brands have seen wide adoption in recent years, particularly from younger consumers, because these start-ups offer everything insurance consumers need, conveniently accessed online or via app, both while buying insurance and after becoming customers.

Hippo, founded in 2015 when insurtech took off, allows consumers to get a quote in less than 60 seconds and a policy in just four minutes, without phone calls, and they use this differentiation as the centerpiece of their advertising strategy. For Hippo customers, the Hippo website provides a “claims concierge” that offers online, step-by-step guidance to filing claims. Additionally, the brand includes Hippo Home Care that virtually troubleshoots a myriad of homeowner issues for consumers and recommends local service providers, when needed. Hippo also provides a Smart Home System for eligible customers, offering up-to-the minute monitoring of fire, floods and break-ins, with discounts on insurance premiums for Hippo customers that use the Smart Home System. These “extras” are popular with consumers who expect industry-leading service from their insurance companies.

More than 95% of homeowners in the U.S. have homeowner’s insurance, but many of them aren’t entirely clear on what their insurance provides or if they have enough insurance. The next 10 years, or the decade of the home, is likely a time when many consumers will be looking at digital solutions to complex homeownership problems. This increased reliance on digital offers opportunities for insurance brands to educate consumers, providing valuable information that creates trust and connection, while streamlining the process for easy enrollment and claims filing. Advertising strategies inclusive of memorable creative, smart messaging and the promotion of products and services desired by today’s consumers can offer differentiation for home insurance brands, helping them appeal to consumers who want the best for their homes.

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