How Publishers Can Leverage Push Marketing To Grow, Engage & Monetize Website Traffic

Publishers interested in expanding their audience lists, increasing website traffic and scaling monetization opportunities can better achieve their objectives by leveraging push marketing. Serving as an innovative way to engage people across desktop and mobile devices, web push notifications are short messages that can encourage immediate action while boosting important metrics like website traffic and ad revenue. 

Publishers Can Expand Monetization Opportunities With Monetized Push Marketing  

Push marketing is traditionally deployed for messaging and re-engagement efforts, but publishers can also expand their monetization strategies to off-site real estate by deploying monetized web push notifications. Push marketing allows a publisher to monetize their website audiences once these audiences have left the website. A monetized push notification displays a targeted third-party offer on the audience’s desktop, and clicks from the push notification generate revenue for the website.

Publishers Can Enhance Existing Marketing Efforts With Web Push Notifications 

A robust web push notification strategy can help drive website traffic and create additional subscriber lists of website visitors that can be targeted with relevant content. Publishers can utilize push marketing to complement existing efforts, like email and social media marketing. For example, publishers could deploy a web push notification encouraging subscribers to enroll in their email newsletter. 

Publishers can also use the immediacy of web push notifications to test creatives. If a certain web push campaign generates a strong click-through rate (CTR), this performance could signal that the content featured in the push notification is worthy of additional exposure across email or social media. 

Push marketing provides publishers with an opportunity to build an audience without requesting personally identifiable information, like email addresses. Anyone can opt in to receive web push notifications with one click of the opt-in prompt that appears on the website, making it a seamless solution for website visitors to subscribe.  

Publishers Can Increase On-Site Ad Revenue With Re-Engagement Web Push Notifications  

A successful web push notification will drive a subscriber back to a publisher’s website, giving visitors the opportunity to engage with on-site ads. Publishers can utilize web push notifications to drive visitors back to a website as a way to help increase their revenue per user (RPU) without adding any additional acquisition costs. 

Segmenting web push subscribers helps publishers deliver more targeted content that subscribers may be more likely to click. The greater the click-through rate (CTR), the more traffic generated, creating more potential for on-site ad engagement. Publishers can segment subscribers based on their on-site activity, such as pages viewed or last visit. For example, publishers can create re-engagement web push campaigns that deploy to subscribers who have not visited in the past seven days or campaigns targeted at subscribers who have viewed particular categories of content. 

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