Push Marketing Helps Brands Promote Outdoor Activities & Home Improvement Projects

As consumers prepare for summer and a return to normalcy, advertisers can capitalize on the start of the summer season by deploying targeted push notifications encouraging seasonal purchases, addressing common consumer pain points, promoting home improvement projects and sharing resourceful content that addresses consumer values, needs and interests. Push marketing enables brands to connect with audiences in a timely but unobtrusive way. When deployed using best practices, push notifications can capture consumers in the right moments with the right messages as they make their plans for the summer.  

Push Notifications Can Remind Consumers Of The Seasonal Items They Want Right Now

Strategically timed push notifications may inspire consumers to purchase the seasonal items they want right away, taking full advantage of the season. Popular summer activities often involve products like grills, pool floats and patio furniture. Advertisers can send targeted push notifications reminding consumers of these exact items. The immediacy of push notifications can help create micro-moments as consumers realize they need to purchase an item immediately, ahead of a holiday or weekend. For example, push notifications sent on a Thursday promoting pool floats may inspire consumers with weekend pool plans to buy the float right away. In addition to precise scheduling and message deployment, audience segmentation may also help increase message effectiveness. For example, brands can segment consumers who have visited certain product categories and send them relevant product recommendations. Segmentation can also allow advertisers to deploy reminder push notifications to active consumers who have recently looked at certain products. The push notification prioritizes both the product and the brand in the consumer’s mind, which is impactful as consumers make purchasing decisions.  

Useful Push Notifications Can Encourage High-Intent Consumers To Take Action & Move Forward With Home Improvement Projects

Home improvement projects are traditionally popular during the summer months. Push notifications advertising home renovation products or services may help consumers plan what activities they would like to tackle. Hardware stores, furniture companies, interior designers and brands with similar products and services can take advantage of the summer rush to renovate with push marketing. Utilizing push, brands can engage their audiences, connecting shoppers with the products and services they need to complete every project on their to-do lists. For home improvement brands that move consumers down the funnel by scheduling consultations, push notifications encouraging sign-ups may help increase the overall volume of appointments scheduled. Push notifications can also remind consumers of other selling points, such as an AR tool to view furniture pieces or new paint colors, or upcoming sale events.

Brands Can Address Common Seasonal Pain Points Via Push Notifications 

In addition to fun summer activities, there are also common challenges consumers experience during the hotter months, such as broken air conditioning units or pest problems. Advertisers can deploy push notifications that connect these seasonal difficulties with related services. For example, push notifications advertising AC unit tune-ups are appropriate during this time and can encourage consumers to make appointments. Pest control companies can encourage service sign-ups in advance of seasonal bugs making their yearly appearances. Push notifications can also amplify a brand’s content marketing strategy, which often is used to establish ongoing rapport with target audiences. Using push notifications, pest control and other brands with seasonal content can position themselves as helpful resources by sharing relevant content with consumers, such as tips for spotting pest problems early or how to properly prepare homes for the summer season. By offering solutions during key micro-moments and providing useful guidance that aligns with a consumer’s ongoing needs, push notifications can help to solve common pain points.    

Help Establish Lasting Connections With Pushes From Season To Season 

Push marketing can help brands establish lasting connections with consumers. While product-focused pushes can help provide an immediate revenue boost, sharing seasonal content may help brands connect with consumers and increase customer loyalty and lifetime value. Blog articles or video content covering grilling tips or renovation hacks shared via push notifications may increase content visibility. This information is valuable during the summer season and can increase brand awareness, which may lead to an increase in purchases.  

Consumers are preparing for a return to summer activities and purchases. Push marketing provides brands with an additional avenue to engage consumers during summer, encouraging seasonal purchases and activities, and helping brands establish lasting connections and enhance customer loyalty.     

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