Push Notifications & Audience Segmentation: An Impactful Combination

Many marketers regard audience segmentation as a powerful way to increase campaign effectiveness within first-party channels like email and social media. Audience segmentation can also enhance the performance of push marketing campaigns, because consumer segments benefit from the targeted relevance of push notifications typically delivered to segmented audiences. Push notifications can be designed to appeal to users in unique phases of the buyer journey, encouraging immediate action. Push notifications can even be implemented for consumers who have gone inactive. In general, utilizing audience segmentation can help amplify the performance of a strategic push marketing campaign.     

Advertisers Can Encourage Immediate Action By Segmenting Audiences Based On Specific Actions 

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Push notifications are designed to encourage immediate action and are instantly delivered to a subscriber’s desktop or mobile device when a predefined action occurs. Each push notification sent can trigger a micro-moment and present consumers with relevant opportunities to engage with a brand.

Advertisers can capitalize on the immediacy and urgency established via push notifications. By segmenting consumers into groups based on their on-site actions, like viewing a particular product, reading a blog post, subscribing to a newsletter or watching a video, advertisers can better connect consumers' relevant brand interactions and activity with the advertisers’ push strategies. Relevant push notifications can capture consumers at the right moment with the right message. 

Advanced Push Notification Tracking Allows For Nearly Endless Segmentation Possibilities 

Push marketing technology allows advertisers to track custom data points beyond what is automatically tracked. Custom tracking provides digital advertisers with enhanced opportunities to engage segmented audiences with highly relevant push campaigns.

Custom data points make push marketing an attractive marketing method because of its flexibility across verticals, with advertisers able to track the exact data points they want in order to serve more targeted push marketing campaigns. Examples of relevant data points relate to actions such as last login date, subscription plan, referral status, trial days remaining or last email open date.    

Once advertisers establish criteria to define key audience segments, they can create appropriate push marketing campaigns aligned with various actions. Ecommerce brands, for example, could segment VIP customers with exclusive content and perks. For consumers that have not yet made purchases, an introductory offer may inspire them to return to the site and buy something. For brands that offer free trials, targeting trial customers may help retain and convert them into paying customers.  

Push Marketing Segmentation Based On The Buyer Journey Provides Consumers With The Right Messaging At The Right Time 

Consumers respond differently to content based on where they are in the buyer journey. Web push notifications allow advertisers to segment consumers according to their phases in the buyer journey based on their on-site behavior. Segmenting audiences in this manner can help advertisers move consumers through the sales funnel and increase the likelihood of achieving key milestones or securing conversions. 

Web Push Notifications Can Be Designed For Each Phase Of The Buyer Journey

Push Notifications For Awareness Phase: Push notifications can share relevant content, such as blog articles, detailing how a brand’s particular products or services can help solve common consumer pain points. 

Push Notifications For Consideration Phase: Push notifications with detailed product information or user reviews can help inform the consumer about specific products. 

Push Notifications For Decision Phase: In the decision phase, push notifications, possibly combined with incentives such as a discount code, can encourage the sale. 

Targeting consumers at each stage of the buyer journey is not a new strategy, but full-funnel marketing can be enhanced by utilizing push notifications to share content in fresh ways, helping to drive consumers toward conversion.     

Push Notification Segmentation Helps Brands Recapture Inactive Users 

Push notifications sharing new product information, top user reviews, top-performing content or incentives may re-engage inactive users to win back their attention. Push marketing is an additional way for advertisers to engage consumers that may otherwise be considered lost for good. 

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