What Are Web Push Notifications?

The right message to the right person at the right time is advertising gold. And while personalized advertising at scale previously seemed elusive, innovative digital advertising channels, like push notifications, are making mass personalization a key component of today’s most successful messaging strategies.

What Are Web Push Notifications?

Push notifications are short messages that consumers opt into on websites. Delivered via mobile devices or desktop computers, push notifications allow companies to re-engage and nurture website visitors, encouraging them to take desired actions. Push notifications typically include an icon, a text and a call to action.

How Do Push Notifications Work?

On many websites, consumers are prompted to subscribe to notifications by selecting “allow.” The act of subscribing or opting into notifications gives the website permission to message the consumer via push notifications. 

How Can Push Notifications Benefit Digital Advertisers?

Push notifications allow digital advertisers to communicate with consumers with timely, relevant, personalized messaging.

Three common objectives for push notifications are:

  • Encourage return visits to a website
  • Build subscriber lists
  • Boost conversion rates and conversion volume

Push notifications can be leveraged to inform readers of new content, keep users engaged, share promotions, request referrals and encourage action, including after cart abandonment. Sophisticated push strategy considers the customer journey and the information needed at each step to encourage forward progress. Leveraging relevant messaging that keeps opted-in consumers regularly engaged, push notifications help digital advertisers build lasting relationships with their audiences, resulting in more conversions and increased life-time value (LTV). 

How Can Digital Advertisers Launch Push Notifications?

The right partner can make all the difference when it comes to ease of launch for push notifications. Aimtell makes it simple for advertisers and publishers to launch push notification campaigns. Subscriber collection can begin after adding just one line of code to websites, new subscribers are gained with just a single click, and messaging can be easily segmented, personalized and automated.

Do Push Notifications Need To Be Part Of Every Digital Advertiser Toolbox?

Shutterstock_762499225 Asian woman hand using mobile phone with e-mail application, Concept email newsletter and antivirus spam mail protection

According to Benjamin Nwokeabia of eMarketer, “meeting the needs of buyers was not possible [during the 2020 holiday season] without connected data, hyper-personalization and triggered communications.” Likewise, EY recently reported in an article about insurance marketing that “hyper-personalization is at the forefront of the customer journey.” Hyper-personalization, as defined by EY, is “about enabling personalized, contextualized interactions” to create convenient interactions that create engagement and trust. Push notifications allow for personalized messaging at scale, and with the simplicity with which push notifications can be added to digital advertising campaigns, there is rarely a good reason not to include them in a multichannel digital advertising strategy.

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