Wedding Registries Say I Do To Lifetime Customers With The Help Of Web Push Notifications

Wedding season is back in a big way for 2021 and with it the reemergence of wedding registries. While some wedding traditions may be evolving, many couples are still opting to create a wedding registry. For retailers that offer registries, there is an opportunity to gain new consumers as they celebrate a major milestone in their lives. Push marketing is one way retailers can engage consumers who are celebrating these special moments. A robust push marketing strategy can also help capture consumer interest beyond the span of the milestone moment and help turn one-time consumers into repeat buyers with a greater lifetime value.     

Retailers Can Engage Consumers Celebrating Milestone Moments With Web Push Notifications 

While a wedding registry typically corresponds with a specific time in consumers’ lives, it can mark the beginning of a long-term relationship with a retailer. Push marketing can help retailers engage consumers who have created registries, helping create a more positive user experience. For example, triggered web push notifications can alert consumers when items have been purchased from their registries. 

Brands can also deploy web push notifications to share exclusive perks that wedding registry participants can enjoy, such as early access to new products or special offers. By utilizing a push marketing technology such as Aimtell, retailers can collect valuable first-party data about their consumers and leverage that data to send more targeted web push notifications. For example, if a consumer registered for a certain set of dishware, the retailer could send a personalized web push notification with an offer for other items in that particular collection.  

Deepen Consumer Connections With Push Marketing By Deploying Post-Milestone Content 

Retailers looking to deepen connections with registry consumers should continue engaging via web push notifications after the milestone moment has taken place. A congratulatory push notification is a welcomed and personalized message that can delight consumers. Additional web push notifications after the event can help increase website engagement and purchases. 

Here are some examples of post-wedding web push notifications retailers can send to registry consumers:

  • Return Policy Alert: Remind consumers about store return policies and point out any special circumstances for wedding registry items, such as longer return windows.     
  • Last Minute Honeymoon Shopping: Web push notifications can capitalize on micro-moments, like preparing for a honeymoon, and inspire last-minute purchases before couples depart.
  • Discounted Registry Items: Remind consumers that they can purchase any items left on their registries for a discount.
  • Thank You Card Reminder: Web push notifications reminding newlyweds to write thank-you cards, with a link to lists of purchased items, can be helpful in the busy days after a wedding. Those retailers that sell stationery can also advertise these products, should the couple need them.    

The above examples of web push notifications can help brands stay top-of-mind for consumers even after a milestone moment has taken place. 

Advertisers Should Use Push Marketing To Help Form Lifetime Connections With Their Consumers 

Wedding registries are a helpful tool for retailers to understand more about consumer preferences. Retailers can leverage registry information, plus the first-party data collected from push technology, to deploy more personalized, relevant web push notifications. Subsequent web push notifications could advertise items or services that consumers did not place on their registries but may be likely to purchase.

Engaging registry consumers until their wedding and right after with targeted web push notifications can help brands form solid connections with consumers. As consumers transition into life post-milestone, well-executed push marketing strategies may help as consumers decide where to shop in the future. Retailers can continue fostering the consumer relationship with additional targeted web push notifications that can help amplify additional marketing efforts. 

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