What Are Data Signals?

Real-time data allows advertisers to understand their consumers better than ever before.  A proper understanding of that real-time data provides data signals that can be used to re-activate, re-engage or retain consumers through a variety of channels. Real-time data signals can pinpoint the individual consumers most likely to respond to your advertising when they are ready to take action.  

What Are Data Signals?

Data signals are actions taken by consumers while online that offer clues about intent that can be acted upon. This includes anything from visiting a website to filling out a change of address or clicking an ad. When these actions can be properly tracked, de-anonymized and stored, they are data signals, offering clues and information about consumers that can be used to serve ads, send emails, target on social media channels and more. Also important for creating engagement, data signals can personalize engagement for better results. For example, a prior insurance buyer that has come back to an insurance website is a good candidate for re-engagement, and with the right data set stored, you can deploy an immediate response personalized for that consumer.

Data signals that tap into real-time data and historical information allow you to connect with consumers at the best times to drive engagement and conversions. Data signals can include both demographic and behavioral data, but it’s the intent data that really makes them actionable.

How Does Choosing The Right Partner Leverage The Efficacy Of Data Signals?

While every advertiser can tap into the power of data signals, most advertisers don’t have the budget to scale their data signals programs as much as they’d like to achieve the results they want. Digital Media Solutions® has spent a decade building our first-party data asset. We leverage that data asset alongside our proprietary technology and expansive digital media reach to deploy data signals campaigns designed to reach the right consumers with the right message at the right time and place to drive the results our advertisers need.

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