4 Often Overlooked Ways To Address Email Inboxing Challenges

With nearly 4 billion daily email users, we all know how powerful email marketing can be. But, of course, since an email marketing campaign is only as effective as the people it reaches and the actions they take, strong inboxing rates are essential.

While there are technical aspects to making sure an email message gets to its intended destination, it’s important to always keep the consumer top of mind. 

Here are four consumer-focused tips to mitigate inboxing challenges and optimize email campaigns.

1. Deliver A Strong Consumer Experience To Address Email Inboxing Challenges

Email needs to resonate with its intended audience. That means consumer intent (ex. looking to save money) and consumer expectations after opening the email (ex. the opportunity to subscribe) should be at the heart of the message you’re delivering.

If a thrifty consumer gets an email with “luxury goods” in the subject line, they likely won’t open the email. Likewise, if a consumer opens an email hoping to easily subscribe, but the CTA is not clear, the opportunity to convert will be lost.

How can you know what consumers want to hear from you? Pay attention to their actions…

 2. Pay Attention To Consumer Actions To Win Their Hearts & Their Email Opens

When consumers take action on an email, that action is a sign that tells you more about what they want in the future.

Which types of subject lines get the most opens?

What design layouts and CTAs achieve higher conversion rates?

Which emails get marked as spam or result in high unsubscribe rates?

Consumers learn what to expect from you. Over time, if they value the emails you send, they will be more likely to open your emails with regularity.

Every action is a data point that should be observed, logged and analyzed. Including the unsubscribes…

3. Analyze The Unsubscribes To Improve Future Email Campaigns

Emailers should think about the consumers who unsubscribe and consider what kind of experience they might have preferred.

Were they the wrong audience?

Had their tastes evolved?

Did the email provide a poor experience?

Do you send too many emails?

People change over time, and so do their behaviors.

Remember, some email campaigns will require constant refreshing of email lists because of lifestyle changes, like going from being pregnant to being a mom. 

4. Prioritize An Up-To-Date & Verified Email Subscriber List To Address Email Inboxing Challenges

Constantly refreshing email lists can help you make sure you have valid email addresses of active inboxes for consumers that match your audience profiles. High bounce rates, unsubscribes and little to no engagement are all signs that an email list may have gone cold.

DMS can help keep your email database current with opted-in subscribers waiting to hear from you. Reach out today to learn more about our email subscriber acquisition campaigns.

Bonus Tip: Know What Email KPIs Matter To You

Inboxing will always matter, because an email that doesn’t reach an inbox can’t be opened or clicked on. But when it comes to campaign optimization, it’s important to understand which additional KPIs are most important to achieve the objectives of your campaign.

By establishing clear goals early on (opens, clicks, subscriptions, sales, etc.), campaigns can be quickly analyzed and optimized to better achieve your objectives. 

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