8 Reasons Digital Advertisers Should Deploy Automated Web Push Notifications

Advertisers have long relied on automation for scaling personalized or triggered communication efforts, with email often used as the prioritized channel. Push marketing, offering advanced segmentation and automation capabilities, also enables advertisers to send personalized messaging to consumers at scale. From when a consumer first subscribes to push notifications through the various milestones of the buyer journey, here are eight unique ways advertisers can connect with consumers through automated web push notifications. 

1. Push Marketing Can Welcome New Subscribers With An Introductory Push Notification

The first hour after a subscriber opts in to push notifications is valuable, as the brand is top of mind for the consumer. Advertisers can send an automated welcome push notification to each new subscriber, thanking them for opting in and encouraging an initial desired action. Desired actions can include:

  • Reading the latest content 
  • Requesting a quote 
  • Registering for a webinar  
  • Downloading a whitepaper 
  • Returning to an abandoned cart
  • Making a purchase 

2. A Push Marketing ‘Welcome’ Drip Series Engages Subscribers Over A Period Of Time 

In addition to singular welcome pushes, advertisers can deploy an introductory series campaign consisting of automated push messages to all new push notification subscribers. Like email marketing drip campaigns, a web push marketing drip campaign will deliver a series of related notifications over a defined period of time. An introductory push marketing drip campaign can serve as a way to educate consumers about brand values, corporate social responsibility initiatives and other brand-building content.

3. Push Marketing Helps Recapture Lost Revenue With Abandoned Cart Campaigns

In the ecommerce industry, retargeting abandoned carts is a top concern, because the average cart abandonment rate continues to hover around 70%. The impact of automated campaigns focused on converting abandoned carts should not be overlooked, and web push notifications provide a meaningful opportunity to engage consumers and reclaim lost carts. While other retargeting methods typically require the consumer to provide contact information, such as their email, a consumer does not have to provide any personally identifiable information when opting in to receive web push notifications. 

4. Push Marketing Can Increase Form Completions With Abandoned Funnel Campaigns 

For digital advertisers striving to improve form completion rates, an abandoned funnel push marketing campaign provides an opportunity to automatically retarget any subscriber who does not complete and submit a form. Any multi-page form can be used to establish this type of push marketing campaign. An abandoned funnel push notification will deploy when a subscriber visits an initial page in the form but does not advance to a targeted page (such as a form submission page) within a defined period of time.    

5. Push Marketing Can Bolster Content Awareness With RSS Feed Campaigns

2020 research from analytics tracker Semrush found that attracting more traffic was a top priority for marketers in 2020, second only to generating more quality leads. Advertisers can increase awareness and traffic to their site content with automated RSS feeds, which send web push notifications automatically when new content is published to the connected RSS feed. Segmentation and frequency caps help deliver these content-focused push notifications to the right audiences and assist with preventing message fatigue from receiving too many notifications.  

6. Push Marketing Can Retarget Inactive Subscribers To Try And Recapture Their Attention

Push marketing technology such as Aimtell (recently acquired by Digital Media Solutions) equips digital advertisers with first-party data on website visitors, and this data can be used for advanced segmentation of automated push marketing campaigns. For example, advertisers can retarget subscribers who have gone inactive by not visiting a specific landing page in a defined period of time. Push marketing technology makes this retargeted notification possible by setting up recurring notifications and automatically updating the segment according to live site data. For retailers struggling to generate consistent website traffic, a recurring automated push campaign may help. Retargeting inactive subscribers can also help bring back a segment of consumers who have lost touch with a brand. A push notification can bring the brand back to the top of the consumer’s mind and may get them to visit the website again. 

7. Push Marketing Helps Retarget Subscribers Who Engage With Other Push Campaigns 

Digital advertisers have the opportunity to segment web push subscribers based on subscriber activity with web push notifications, creating powerful drip campaigns based on push notification clicks. 

Welcome notification drips are useful for subscribers at the top of the sales funnel. In contrast, push notification click-based drip campaigns are more flexible and provide advertisers with additional opportunities to engage consumers at various sales funnel phases. For example, when a consumer clicks on a web push notification advertising a particular product, a corresponding push marketing drip campaign could provide additional product information that may motivate the consumer to make the purchase.  

8. Push Marketing Can Engage Subscribers Who Visit Specific Landing Pages

Brands can deploy automated web push notifications for any subscriber that visits a particular landing page, following up with additional information or an incentive to encourage the site visitor to take a desired action, such as making a purchase, requesting a quote or downloading an ebook. 

Another way advertisers can take advantage of automated push notifications targeting visitors of a specific landing page is by enabling a notification to deploy when a subscriber visits a thank you page after requesting certain information. For example, if a consumer submits a form requesting an ebook download, the retailer could set up a triggered campaign containing the ebook download link to deploy once the consumer reaches the thank you page.

Advertisers seeking additional avenues for engaging consumers should consider automated web push notifications. Automated notifications enable retailers to engage individual consumers and segments of an audience with targeted push messages that can help advance brand awareness and encourage on-site activities like making purchases, reading content, completing forms and more.  

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