How To Boost Engagement By Using Video In Emails

Email campaigns are an important part of marketing at all stages. But, because consumers are savvier than ever, a generic email campaign is likely to be ineffective. Creating engagement with email requires understanding what your audience wants to see. Adding video to emails is one way to garner more excitement from consumers to increase engagement and conversion rates.

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Video In Email Helps Brands Increase Engagement And Conversions

A robust email marketing campaign can be effective for customer acquisition and re-engagement, and video advertising within email is gaining momentum with brands, aligning with the overall growth of video in advertising. According to Statista, the “projected expenditure” for digital video advertising is predicted to increase to $78.5 billion by the end of 2023. How you choose to use video, whether it’s as part of an email campaign or within another digital channel, will depend on your objectives. Including video in email is mobile friendly, popular with younger consumers and offers additional opportunities for engagement and calls to action. 

Optimizing Video In Email Marketing Can Drive Engagement And Conversions

An email marketing legend, Lisa Jones, Founder & Chief EyeMail Officer knows what makes an email campaign work. EyeMail is a communications technology that supports video email marketing campaigns, garnering unique email views and click-through rates that exceed standard industry email metrics by up to 300%, illustrating the rapidly growing success of video in email. Jones attributes the following four factors as critical to the success of video in email:

  • Differentiation. A preview pane can show email recipients that they will be getting a video. This preview helps email campaigns stand out against the competition, inevitably boosting open rates. Differentiation is key when it comes to creating an effective email campaign, and video offers that.
  • Immediate Engagement. Video should begin rolling as soon as the email is opened, immediately engaging the audience and creating opportunities to take action.
  • Compelling Messaging. In-email video must offer a portion of a compelling message. It should be visually interesting, offering what Jones calls “an appetizer that captivates the mind” and encourages viewers to click through. CTAs should also be obvious and align with the message of the video. 
  • Broad Appeal. Don’t limit what a video is selling. The video can re-engage after a conversion or event, but it also can introduce or promote a new product or service. Video in email offers a human connection and the personalization that many consumers crave, and that connection can be made at every stage of a full-funnel campaign. 

Video also serves as a compelling component to UGC campaigns, social media strategies and publisher-supported performance marketing strategies that connect advertisers to consumers at the right time and place via email and other high-yield channels. 

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