What Are Google Dynamic Exclusion Lists?

On April 15, Google announced the launch of dynamic exclusions lists, a new brand safety feature that will, according to the tech company, “make it easier for advertisers to protect their ads from running alongside content that does not align with their brand or campaign.” Google already has ad controls in place that allow advertisers to manage the placement of their ads, but the new dynamic exclusion lists will make the process of maintaining brand safety more turnkey, requiring fewer dedicated resources and less manual updating. 

What Are Google Dynamic Exclusion Lists For Advertisers?

Google introduced dynamic exclusion lists for advertisers to simplify the process of brand safety. After a dynamic exclusion list is created, either by “advertisers themselves or by a third party they trust, such as brand safety organizations and industry groups,” the list can be seamlessly and regularly updated over time, without requiring the level of ongoing maintenance of the previous ad controls. 

Google explains, “Once advertisers upload a dynamic exclusion list to their Google Ads account, they can schedule automatic updates as new web pages or domains are added, ensuring that their exclusion lists remain effective and up-to-date.” Like existing Google ad controls, dynamic exclusion lists allow advertisers to exclude certain “specific websites, content or entire topics from their advertising campaigns.” 

Why Is Google Introducing Dynamic Exclusion Lists For Advertisers?

In addition to simplifying an existing process, Google’s dynamic exclusion lists illustrate to advertisers Google’s commitment to evolving its brand safety measures. Where an ad appears has become more important than ever to advertisers who understand that consumers often assume an ad placed next to something is an endorsement of that content. Recently, Pinterest, Facebook and YouTube have each introduced brand safety measures.

How Do Google Dynamic Exclusions Lists Benefit Digital Advertisers?

Google dynamic exclusion lists give digital advertisers more control over their ad placements, to prevent ads from appearing next to undesirable content or for better contextual targeting. 

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