Is Push Marketing Right For My Website?

When deciding to adopt new technology, it’s important to weigh the propensity for positive ROI. For brands looking to engage audiences in more ways, push marketing can be impactful on both desktop computers and mobile devices. Push marketing, because of its flexibility to engage audiences across verticals, monetization potential and ability to amplify existing marketing efforts is a logical addition to nearly any digital advertising strategy.  

Push Marketing Helps Websites In Every Vertical  

Push marketing has helped brands across every vertical experience success. Brands and advertisers can deploy web push notifications to share timely messages and encourage specific consumer actions. For example, ecommerce websites can retarget abandoned carts via web push notifications, or publishers can share top-performing content to re-engage website visitors. 

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Common Web Push Notification Use Cases By Vertical

  • Retail/Ecommerce: Engage active consumers to encourage purchases by retargeting abandoned carts or product pages
  • Media/Publishers: Encourage website traffic re-engagement and build subscriber lists by sharing relevant media such as breaking news articles or top-performing content
  • Travel/Hospitality: Alert travelers about important information such as check-in times, flight status changes or flash sale specials
  • Insurance: Increase the volume of insurance quote inquiries by retargeting subscribers who abandon forms 
  • Education: Target prospective students with information related to university programs to encourage campus tours or speaking with an admissions representative
  • Nonprofits: Improve donor engagement and increase campaign contributions by retargeting subscribers
  • Banking: Share timely alerts regarding account activity, including potential fraudulent activity 

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Push Marketing Amplifies Existing Marketing Efforts 

Web push notifications deliver to desktop or mobile devices instead of email or SMS inboxes and can complement existing marketing efforts by providing real-time notifications that reinforce messages and help build lasting audience connections. 

Because consumers do not have to provide any personally identifiable information to subscribe to push notifications, push marketing may help advertisers reach people hesitant to provide their contact information.

As marketers transition away from third-party cookies, the importance of using first-party data cannot be understated. Utilizing push technology, such as Aimtell, equips advertisers with valuable first-party data that can help improve push campaign effectiveness. Incorporating push marketing into existing digital strategies can help advertisers maximize their reach, strengthen audience connections and continue to provide personalized experiences that consumers have come to expect.   

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Websites Seeking Monetization Opportunities Can Do So With Push Marketing 

Push notifications can also help website owners expand monetization efforts. A monetized web push notification displays a targeted third-party offer, and the website owner gets paid when a push subscriber clicks on the push notification. Monetized web push notifications delivered by Aimtell can be managed by website owners or by the Digital Media Solutions (DMS) team as a low-effort way for website owners to diversify and increase their revenue bases.

The Aimtell Offer Network, for example, allows website owners to self-manage web push messaging and monetization campaigns. The additional revenue stream can help provide an immediate push marketing ROI. Website owners looking for more of a hands-off approach can opt for the DMS-managed solution.     

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Are There Any Websites Not Right For Push Marketing?

No. Every website can benefit from push marketing.

Personalized messaging should be at the forefront of any digital advertising strategy. Research from Salesforce in 2020 found that “52% of customers expect offers to always be personalized,” and 66% of consumers said they expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations. Push marketing can help any website owner deploy personalized messages at scale to engage consumers and meet their needs effectively. Given the ease of adding push notifications into existing advertising strategies and the added benefit of monetization, push marketing can be a quick way to boost performance and ROI. 

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Are You Looking For Innovative Ways To Retarget Your Audience?

Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) offers a variety of advertising solutions to help brands achieve their marketing objectives. Engage and retarget your audience while building lasting connections with highly targeted push notifications, in-app messages, and email enhancements with our self-managed and DMS-managed push marketing solutions. With optimized messaging campaigns sending to segmented lists of consumers, you can reach the right person at the right time.  

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