Getting Started With Push Marketing

Push marketing is an innovative method of engaging and re-engaging consumers at all phases of the customer journey by allowing site visitors to opt in to receive web push notifications. Digital advertisers then use the first-party data collected by push technology to create personalized web push notifications for targeted segments of consumers.

This three-part series introduces push marketing — explaining what push marketing is, why push marketing is effective and how push marketing works. In part two of this series, learn more about how advertisers can get started with push, what data is tracked and how consumers opt-in to notifications.

Push Notification Technology Makes It Easy To Launch Audience Re-Engagement Campaigns

The easiest way for digital advertisers to begin deploying web push notifications is to utilize a push SaaS provider, like Aimtell. Push software typically handles and manages all data tracking, campaign building and analytics monitoring. From one central dashboard, brands and advertisers can control their push marketing efforts. 

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Installing Web Push Notifications Is Quick 

Advertisers utilizing sophisticated push technology, like Aimtell, typically install the software using either an app or a plugin. If those options are not available, advertisers can usually manually install the software by adding a simple tracking code and uploading a file to the site root directory. 

For Aimtell users, the easiest way to test that everything is set up correctly is to navigate to the website and see if the opt-in prompt appears. If so, the installation is correct, and the website will begin collecting subscribers.  

Consumers Opt In To Web Push Notifications With The Click Of One Button

Before digital advertisers can send web push notifications, users must opt in to receive them via an opt-in prompt displayed on both desktop and mobile devices. Standard opt-in prompts display a static message and allow the user to either opt in or not allow notifications. One click and the website has captured the user as a subscriber.  

Unlike email or SMS marketing, brands do not have to worry about providing a clear unsubscribe route, because website visitors can quickly opt out of web push notifications whenever they want via their browser settings. 

Advertisers have the option to enable a custom opt-in prompt (or prompts) that has custom language and can match existing branding. A custom prompt allows a website to explain what visitors can expect from their web push notifications. Increased transparency can result in more website visitors choosing to opt in. 

For websites that do utilize a custom opt-in prompt, the custom prompt will display first. If a visitor chooses to opt in from the custom prompt, they will then be shown the native prompt and will click “allow” to opt-in. The native prompt is a requirement and must be displayed, meaning at most a website visitor will have to click twice to opt-in to notifications. 

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Push Marketing Technology Tracks Data Immediately Upon Consumer Opt In

Once a website visitor opts in, some data is immediately tracked, such as the subscriber’s website browser, operating system, location and page views. Within Aimtell, this data is available to be used for both segmentation and within web push notifications themselves. More advanced tracking is also available for advertisers, giving them the ability to track any data point. (Note: Other push marketing technologies may not offer the same features and capabilities.)

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