Website Re-Engagement Can Boost Conversion Rates

Effective re-engagement tactics, like Aimtells, can bring website visitors back to your site and help nurture consumers to conversion. In fact, it's possible to “generate millions of dollars in sales from just a weekend using Aimtell and push technology,” according to DJ Swanepoel, DMS SVP of Messaging Development. “If you want to send a message to your subscribers, whether you have thousands or millions, you can do so in seconds and watch the clicks come through. It's incredible how easy and how powerful this technology can be when you use it correctly.” 

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Aimtells Increase Website Re-Engagement, On-Site Activity & Conversion Rates

High-intent consumers can and should be re-engaged and nurtured along the path to conversion. Below are ways Aimtells can help:

  • Ecommerce brands can re-engage consumers looking to make purchases, including high-intent shoppers who abandon their shopping carts.
  • Publishers can re-engage audiences to increase content visibility, clicks and monetization opportunities.
  • Mortgage marketers can re-engage visitors who begin but don’t complete inquiry forms.
  • Higher education institutions can re-engage students that applied but have yet to enroll in a program.
  • Nonprofit organizations can re-engage donors to scale recurring donation volume. 

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Deploy Aimtells To Re-Engage Website Visitors & Encourage Form Submissions

Aimtells provide brands and advertisers with an incremental method of re-engaging website visitors, including those who have not yet provided email addresses or phone numbers. This means website owners looking to improve form completion rates can use Aimtells to re-engage visitors who didn’t complete or submit forms they started. Advertisers can also create Aimtell drip campaigns to re-engage website visitors over a period of time, increasing the likelihood of the subscriber completing the desired action.  

Targeted Aimtells Can Encourage Specific Actions Based On Consumer Intent

Automation is built into Aimtell technology, enabling advertisers to trigger Aimtells to send based on specific actions certain website visitors take. An ecommerce brand that sells gourmet baskets, for example, could deploy an Aimtell sharing an article discussing top coffee trends. Those subscribers who click on the Aimtell can automatically be sent an additional Aimtell advertising the coffee brands available for purchase from the ecommerce vendor. This concept can be applied to any industry and allows advertisers to powerfully leverage consumer interest and encourage relevant actions. 

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Aimtells Are A Perfect Complement To Other Re-Engagement Tactics

Advertisers can send Aimtells to re-engage website visitors and accomplish objectives such as collecting email addresses, building subscriber lists and complementing or reinforcing brand messaging across other platforms. Aimtells are appealing for website owners because there are fewer barriers to entry and because Aimtell provides a unique method for reaching website visitors. 

“Somebody has to go open an email client to see the email message you're trying to send,” noted Swanepoel. “An Aimtell, however, is front and center. For those thinking this is the same as text message marketing -- the price of text message marketing is exponentially more, and there are various legal concerns to consider [with text message marketing], like TCPA regulations. Push technology, like Aimtell, was developed to overcome a lot of these problems.” 

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Are You Looking For Innovative Ways To Engage & Re-Engage Your Audience?

Digital Media Solutions® (DMS) is a leading provider of technology-enabled digital performance advertising solutions connecting consumers and advertisers. Engage and re-engage your audience while building lasting connections with highly targeted Aimtells. With optimized messaging campaigns sending to segmented lists of consumers, you can reach the right person with the right message at the right time.  

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