The Top 5 Social Media Strategies For Lead Generation

Is Your Social Media Campaign Optimized To Generate Leads?

Capturing the attention of busy consumers who are spending an average of 1,300 hours a year on social media can be a challenge for advertisers seeking to generate quality leads. As advertisers optimize their social media strategies, following best practices can help set up social campaigns for success in generating leads while creating ongoing engagement. 

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These 5 Social Media Strategies Can Help Advertisers Generate More Leads

The following five lead-generating social media strategies can help advertisers drive consumer interest, prompt decisive actions and generate high-quality inquiries.

1. Let TikTok’s Popularity Work For You

Invest ad dollars into finding a TikTok strategy that works for your brand. With TikTok’s rapid growth in users over the past year, you want to make sure your creative and audience strategies are successful as more users and advertisers join the platform. The viral nature of TikTok makes it an excellent option for sharing user-generated content (UGC) that encourages clicks and inquiry form submissions. 

2. Leverage UGC To Build Trust & Likability

UGC can help create trust and likability with consumers. Whether funny, touching or more straightforward, ads that have an organic feel tend to be more relatable for consumers. Additionally, UGC ads are often cheaper to produce, and they can yield a higher conversion rate than ads with high-production value.

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3. Include In-App Lead Forms To Boost Conversion Rates 

The recent IOS tracking changes have made targeting challenging for marketers, as many consumers are opting out of some tracking measures. However, in-app lead forms can boost conversion rates and yield more consistent first-party data for future targeting and outreach. In-app lead forms bring higher conversion rates and better tracking.

4. Don’t Put All Your Social Media Budget On One Platform

Diversify your social media strategy by allocating ad dollars to multiple social media platforms. It’s not enough to put all ad dollars into big sources like Facebook. Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter can offer different types of audience and engagement than TikTok or Instagram. Social media campaigns should also align with other digital media channels to help ensure you’re reaching your audience regularly throughout their buying journeys.

5. Invest In Video Strategies That Support Your Lead Generation Goals

To really make an impression and win on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram Reels, video is critical. Each platform differs, with optimal content and video length varying depending on the platform, so it’s important to have defined strategies that support the platforms you’re on. Video and UGC are a perfect match and often effective for promoting deals, new products and signups for more information. 

Seeking New Ways To Maximize Your Customer Acquisition Efforts?

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