What Are Click Campaigns?

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Click campaigns are digital advertising campaigns that literally encourage consumers to click on an ad, typically driving traffic to a website or landing page. Advertisers pay on a cost-per-click basis, which means they pay only when a consumer has visited the destination page.  

After arriving on an advertiser’s landing page or website, users are usually encouraged to take a particular action, like signing up for a newsletter, or filling out an inquiry form or completing a purchase.

With Click Campaigns, Brands Are In Control Of Messaging

One of the primary benefits of click campaigns is control for advertisers.

  • Advertisers can control the messaging included in the ad that encourages clicks.
  • Advertisers dictate the consumer journey from click to landing page to conversion.
  • Click campaigns create direct interaction between advertisers and consumers, reducing potential compliance concerns and boosting understanding of consumer intent. 
  • Advertisers control landing page optimization efforts that can maximize click campaign ROI.

Landing Pages For Click Campaigns Should Be User-Friendly And Optimized To Produce The Desired Results

For click campaigns to be successful, landing pages must offer the right information and entice users to convert. A well-optimized landing page should offer a streamlined experience specific to the campaign’s intended goal, whether the goal is buying something, filling out a lead form or signing up for a mailing list. The success of click campaigns relies on consumers taking action.

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Click Campaigns Can Be A Key Component Of A Customer Acquisition Strategy

Click campaigns can be an important part of a customer acquisition strategy, because they are adjustable, measurable and cost efficient, with advertisers only paying for clicks. When implemented effectively, click campaigns can reduce media spend, increase brand recognition and lead to incremental improvements in engagement and conversions.

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