Find The Joy In The Journey

Last week, during a trip to the Mayo Clinic, I saw two amazing messages written in colorful chalk on the sidewalk outside the main building. They were on the walking path in a high-traffic area, intentionally placed and designed to be impossible to miss. The two messages were:

You just gotta have faith.


Find the joy in the journey.

There is so much importance in:

  • Values that underpin how we live our lives.
  • Goals that define what we want to accomplish as we walk the path on the journey of life. We have daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual goals.
  • Vision to see the big picture of where we are going. We have to see it and believe it to chase it.

Processes and routines based on our values and built to achieve our goals and vision are critically important.

But, in order for a good routine to work, whether it’s a routine for personal wellness or professional achievement, the routine must be utilized regularly and consistently. And then, the process must be refined so it doesn’t go stale but instead grows with you as you grow.

Once you’ve built a process that works, trust that process. Or, in other words, you just gotta have faith.

Remind Yourself Regularly Of The Power Of Now.

Presence is critically important in all things in life.

To find the joy in the journey, you need to accept where you are and actively seek to make the most out of life.

I very much enjoyed my time at the Mayo Center last week. Although it would be easy to say “woe is me” for having to undergo surgery, I refuse to accept that as my story. I looked at the experience as another stop on my journey through life. And during this stop, I got to see some amazing things and connect with amazing messages.

I recognize that there are many people significantly worse off than me physically. I was at the Mayo Center for a “repair” so I can resume my active lifestyle. Other people are at the Mayo Center because of significantly more complex issues, sometimes without great prognoses. I am one of the lucky ones, and I know this.

That said, we all get to choose how we see things. The message I retained from my trip to the Mayo Center was:

Find joy in the journey  >>>  translated in my mind to “Be present. You are where you are.”

You just gotta have faith  >>>  translated in my mind to “Believe. Trust your process.”

Everything in life happens for me, not to me. I believe this for myself and for each of you.

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Joe Marinucci

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