Enjoying The Journey

I Can’t >>> How Can I?

Let’s Remove ‘I Can’t’ From Our Vocabulary. “I can't” is a phrase that can be a natural reaction, something that can slip out in a conversation. “I can't” can... Read Article

Be Here Now

A few weeks ago, I shared a story with you about my son and how he notices when I’m not fully present. Read Article

The Win-Win

I was away this weekend on vacation with my children along with another family and their children. In total, 4 kids. Fun times. Read Article

Do You Reflect?

Do you reflect on and take the positive from your past experiences? Does the prior version of you return to report? Read Article

Do You API?

Yesterday, I dropped off my car for service and a few repairs. I had an appointment, and they were aware of what was needed, including a loaner car. When I... Read Article

Becoming Indistractable

I’ve realized that, no matter the topic, when I am learning, I am growing. And, as I teach and share my learnings, I learn more and grow more. I’ve created an... Read Article

Impulse Response? THINK First

Each Of Us Has Opened Our Mouths Too Quickly Or Hit That ‘Send’ Button Too Fast We know it to be true when we immediately, or soon after, wish we had responded... Read Article

Challenges Build Greatness

The Greatest Gifts I Have Been Given In My Life Have Been The Greatest Challenges I’ve Faced. In facing these challenges, and learning how to overcome them,... Read Article