The Grit Jar

This week I listened to a podcast featuring David Goggins, a man who leveraged his grit to overcome much throughout his life. David Goggins developed a method of tapping into the power of past successes. He calls it the “cookie jar.” Each time you experience a victory or triumph as you overcome obstacles or challenges, those experiences are your cookies. Your cookies live in your cookie jar, and you can tap into the cookie jar whenever you need to for strength or motivation.

Your Cookie Jar Is Proof That You Can, Because You Already Have.

I decided this week that I am going to have a “grit jar” instead of a “cookie jar.”

Like Goggins, when I push the limits to overcome a challenge or obstacle, I will place my lessons learned and my victories and triumphs into my grit jar. When I need some extra power, I will tap into my grit jar to remind myself that I’ve overcome so much in my life and I have what it takes to succeed, no matter what is ahead.

My Grit Jar Reminds Me That I Always Have What It Takes.

With the right mindset and attitude, there is always a path – over, around or straight through – the challenge or adversity. And, whatever we’re facing – headwinds or tailwinds – our grit jars are there for us to tap into for strength and motivation.

You are strong. Your past proves it, and your future will display it time and time again.

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Fernando Borghese

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