Showing Up Triggers Me To Finish

Being Intentional With Simple Things Is Enough To Make A Big Difference In Your Life.

The preparation that goes into your endeavors... how you mentally get ready, the intentions you have, how you plan… these preparations mean everything.

In the preparation lies the confidence, power and certainty that you can and will succeed.

The Smallest Things Can Make The Biggest Differences.

All too often, we try to do too much. In trying to take on too much, we get overwhelmed. And, when we are overwhelmed, we have a tendency to give up.

When You Get Overwhelmed, Take A Step Back And Do Something Simple.

Perhaps that evening, you can write down how you plan to start the next morning. Something like this:

  1. Positive Affirmation (I will make today a great day.)
  2. Drink A Large Glass Of Water (Our brains need water to get going in the morning, so drinking water when you get up is a great idea.)

Momentum and progress are the result of being intentional and taking small steps to make progress each day. If you prepare to take those steps, they will happen.

When you prepare in advance, with intention, trust and focus, you put yourself in a place of power and certainty. Visualizing the win just works!

When you show up to the starting line (whether it’s a meeting, an athletic event, your morning or a family dinner) with a growth mindset and expectations of success… just showing up means you have already finished. The showing up is the hardest part, as the work was done in the preparation. The event itself and the outcome are a foregone conclusion.

People Who Prepare Have The Highest Degree Of Success.

In the preparation lies the power and certainty to know that you can and will succeed in everything you do. This is why, for the people who prepare with a ruthless commitment to achieving results, it is the preparation that is the key. By the time they show up to the event, meeting or day, the results are a given.

About the author

Joe Marinucci

Joe Marinucci is the co-founder and chief executive officer of Digital Media Solutions since the company’s inception in 2012. Marinucci is responsible for the overall vision and strategy of DMS, leveraging the best people, processes and technology in the industry to deliver data-driven digital performance advertising solutions to offer visibility into the customer experience, help brands grow their businesses and provide accountability for every media dollar spent. Under Marinucci’s leadership, DMS has evolved into an award-winning, digital performance advertising company demonstrating consistent and significant year-over-year growth which earned recognition on the Inc. 5000 list for seven consecutive years.